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Mental Health: Signs And Symptoms Of Seasonal Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

Mental health: Seasonal depression is a condition usually reported during the winter season. It may affect your day to day functioning. Read here to know signs and symptoms that need your attention.

Mental Health: Signs And Symptoms Of Seasonal Depression You Shouldnt Ignore

Mental health: During the winter season you may experience signs and symptoms of depression


  1. The winter season may trigger depression symptoms
  2. Staying physically active can help control depression
  3. Seek medical help on time to fight this condition effectively

Do you experience signs of depression or worsening of these signs during the winter season? If yes, then it is seasonal affective disorder. It is a type of depression which gets triggered with changes in season. The symptoms are more likely to worsen during the winter season. It is also known as seasonal depression. Women and young adults are more prone to seasonal depression. There are several possible causes behind this condition. The symptoms may improve with a change in weather. This mental health condition is much more than just winter blues. Here are some symptoms of seasonal affective disorder you should not ignore.

Seasonal affective disorder: Know the signs and symptoms

The symptoms are similar to those of depression but these may go away with a change in seasons, typically during summer or spring. But these may become worse with the onset of the winter season. It is essential to manage these symptoms on time before they worsen. Some of these symptoms are-

  • You may lose interest in activities you usually enjoyed
  • It can lead to constant fatigue
  • You may also experience fluctuations in mood
  • A feeling of hopelessness, irritability, lethargy, worthless, guilty and sadness are common
  • Low levels of energy
  • Some lose appetite while others may overeat leading to weight gain
  • May like spending time alone
  • It can also lead insomnia but in some cases, the patient may oversleep

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Mental health: Seasonal depression may lead to insomnia
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When to see a doctor?

If you are finding it hard to complete day to day activities it is important to seek medical help. Any major changes in your appetite due to low mood should also be corrected medically. You can also keep the symptoms in check with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Some effective ways to manage depression symptoms are-

Exercise regularly- You can choose simple exercises and perform these at home. Yoga or meditation might also help to fight the symptoms. It will also help you ensure better sleep.

Eat a healthy diet- What you eat also affects your mood and overall mental health. A healthy diet is beneficial to your mind and body.

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Talk to your loved ones- Sharing your thoughts and emotions can help you feel better.

Do what you love- Try spending time in activities you love. It will keep you engaged and beat negative thoughts.

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