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Do You Feel Anxious? These Hormones May Be The Reason Behind Your Condition

 Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary talks about three hormones that may cause anxiety.

Do You Feel Anxious? These Hormones May Be The Reason Behind Your Condition

Anxiety can affect one's everyday functioning

It's important to have balanced hormonal levels in order to remain healthy. Hormones are chemical messengers that carry signals to different parts of the body. They play a pivotal role in contributing to your growth and development, reproduction, sexual function, and mood. But do you know that sometimes, the imbalance in levels of some hormones may also lead to anxiety? Well, yes, anxiety is not always the result of your circumstances or other outer happenings in your life.

Anxiety has become a common concern for many people especially, after the pandemic and lockdown. So, maybe it's easier to think that the challenges in life are making you anxious all the time. However, sometimes, it's your hormonal imbalances that need to be blamed for this. Throwing some light on the same is nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary through a post on Instagram. She lists three hormones that may cause anxiety.    

The health expert states, “It's amazing how we always love blaming something external for our issues like anxiety. The way we respond to a lot of things in life depends on the environment internally that we've created through our old ways of living and eating. Here's a list of hormones to test if you're always anxious.”

According to Rashi Chowdhary, if you are feeling anxious, these hormones may be responsible for that:

1. Imbalance in T3 levels

The nutritionist says that you should get your entire thyroid panel done. Make sure you don't do this while you are on your period. Your levels will be higher, especially TSH.

2. High Prolactin

You should know that having high levels of prolactin is linked to anxiety and other issues like hair fall and difficulty losing weight.

3. Low Progesterone

You can check this between the 21st to 23rd days of your period cycle. So, if you get your period on the 1st of the month, check progesterone on days 21-23. If it's low, then there are chances that you will be anxious. Progesterone helps us relax and take things easy before we get out period. And watch out, if it's too low, you can get anxious with the smallest triggers.

Take a look:

Now, if you feel too anxious, do consider checking the levels of hormones in your body. 

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