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Anger Management: 10 Ways To Cope With Anger

Anger cannot just harm your relationship but your own health as well. It can even lead to bipolar disorder. If you get angry very easily you must try anger coping methods to keep your health intact. Here are some simple methods to deal with anger.

Anger Management: 10 Ways To Cope With Anger

To deal with anger you need to first find the cause behind it


  1. Anger can result in bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorders
  2. You can simple count backwards to control your anger
  3. You can also scribble or paint to stay calm

Anger is a feeling or emotion that can harm your health. There can be various possible reasons behind it, for example; not being treated right by your close ones, indulging in a fight with someone, not getting positive results, not being listened to, and many more. Whereas some causes vary person to person. Sometimes, anger can result in bipolar or borderline personality disorders too. So, it's better to cope with it as early as possible.

Ways to control Anger

1. Talk to someone

While it may seem to be contradictory, that talking might result in more outburst of anger, but it usually helps in releasing the emotional and mental tension from your mind.

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2. Count backward

One can try counting backward from 10 to 01 gradually; to relax their mind as this technique allows amassing all the anger and gives time to think thoroughly before reacting.

3. Find the reason

Sometimes, people tend to lash out during a fight without knowing the reason behind it; this worsens the situation and makes you angrier. Thus finding a reason helps to deal better and diffuse anger.

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4. Dimming the lights

New researchers have found that bright lights tend to increase strong emotions, whether it's positive or negative. Anger is known to be one of the strongest emotions, so by dimming the lights around you when you are angry can play a helpful role in calming your mind.

5. Take time off

It is often better to get out of a conversation when you know you'll lose temper as it follows. People might regret later to the way they react at the moment. Expressing your emotions and by calming your mind first, can make the situation better.

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6. Scribble

When you need to cope up with anger, one of the best and quick way is to scribble; to start writing or drawing something. This strategy is easy and helps to distract the mind out of something which makes you angry.

7. Meditate

Meditation is the key to a quiet and peaceful mind. Practicing meditation can help calm your mind as you tend to release anger when you breathe out. Meditation acts as a very effective strategy to control anger as well as stress when repeated daily.

8. Visualize

Once you start visualizing the problem in your head you allow yourself to understand the situation clearly and try to remove yourself from the situation. This technique might help in reducing anger.

9. Think again

'Think clearly' and 'Think again' can be two valuable phrases to follow while coping with anger. While you think, you entitle yourself to know about where you did wrong and now, when can you do right. When you start noticing these, you begin to act more ethically.

10. Learn to forgive

Last but not least, Instead of picking out reasons to why you are acting mad, learn to always forgive people for their mistakes. It helps with letting things go and be calm. It is helpful to both you and others.

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