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Diabetes: Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels With These Tips

Diabetes management: A healthy diet and lifestyle can help you control blood sugar levels and prevent complications linked with diabetes. Here are some tips that can you control diabetes effectively.

Diabetes: Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels With These Tips

Diabetes: A healthy diet and lifestyle can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Diabetes is more of a lifestyle problem and its management also lies in having a look at your overall nutrition (not only sugar) and lifestyle. Several factors can lead to the higher risk of type-2 diabetes. All you need to follow is a cautious lifestyle to avoid further complications as it can impact other organs and affect your eyesight, arteries, kidneys, skin, and hair to name a few. Nutritionist and lifestyle coach Twinkle Kansal explains strategies every diabetic must try.

Diabetes: Principles that can help fight diabetes effectively

1 ) Remove and Replace

First, identify and then remove unhealthy eating habits. Also, look out for factors that may worsen your symptoms, including allergenic food, stress, less sleep and unhealthy eating. One most important element is to remove refined food and replace it with unrefined.

a) Refined flour with unrefined (whole grain flour)- The fiber is removed from refined food to make it softer and tastier. For example, when the whole wheat is converted into refined flour (maida), it loses 25% protein, 90% fiber, and almost 50% nutrients. Go for whole grains that are beneficial for your health in various ways. There are plenty of choices like Jowar (sorghum), buckwheat (kuttu), Amaranth (rajgeera),bajra (pearl), Ragi (finger millets).

b) Refined sugar with natural fruits, dry fruits- Sugar should not be replaced with artificial sweeteners which are only chemicals. It is better to reduce overall sugar consumption. Eating fruits are not harmful even in diabetes because fruits are high in fiber and other essential nutrients which will help you heal your condition. These days markets and groceries are being flooded with products which claim to be diabetic-friendly but many often ignore the ingredients that are mentioned on the label. You should read the nutritional label carefully, anything ending with OSE like sucrose, maltose are nothing but chemicals, and a total No-No.

c) Refined salt with unrefined rock salt (sendha namak) or himalayan pink salt.

d) Refined oil (hydrogenated oil) with cow ghee, cold-pressed oils, or mustard oils.


Diabetes: Choose a healthy diet to manage diabetes effectively
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2) Repair and Reset

Include more fruits, vegetables and enough water to your diet. Reset your sleep, stress and digestion with nutrition and lifestyle transformation. Depending on the condition it may take 12 weeks to a year or more to repair and reset health.

By Twinkle Kansal, Integrated Nutrition & lifestyle coach

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