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What Foods To Eat & Avoid For Adenoids

Undergoing an adenoid removal surgery may be uncomfortable for a child. Here are some dietary suggestions to make the recovery process easier.

What Foods To Eat & Avoid For Adenoids

Drinking juice post-surgery might be soothing to your child

What are adenoids?

Adenoids are lymph tissues or glands that sit under the nose and above the roof of our mouth. They are a part of our immune system and are responsible for trapping germs from entering our system through the nose or mouth. Hence, protecting us from contracting infections.

How can they be trouble-causing?

Adenoids grow in our body until we're 6 years old and usually shrink and disappear by the time we are 16. The enlargement of adenoids can cause trouble in breathing and result in snoring and even sleep apnea. Enlargement of adenoids might happen as a response to fighting germs or an infection. It may be a problem if they don't shrink once the infection is gone. Enlarged adenoids may also be by birth or be caused by allergies.

In case the adenoids continue to grow bigger or cause trouble, they may be surgically removed. Once the surgery has taken place, you may have to follow these dietary guidelines for your child.

What to eat?

Mild foods

As discussed above, eating foods soothing to the throat might make eating easier. Foods such as scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, boiled broccoli, boiled beans, etc. may be calming to the throat.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices such as apple juice, watermelon juice, etc. may also be helpful in providing relief and promoting quick recovery. Drinking juices may be easier than eating fruits post-surgery.


Drinking enough water and staying hydrated would significantly help soothe the healing and recovery process. Drinking water also promotes better functioning of the overall body.


Broths are another high-nutritive liquid-based food that may be soothing to the throat. However, hot liquids are to be avoided for the first few days after surgery. Hence, you are encouraged to feed it at room temperature to your child.

Well-balanced diet

The best way to consume enough nutrients and minerals is by eating a healthy well-balanced diet. A healthy diet may help the body heal quicker. Eating leafy green vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc. lightly seasoned may be apt.

What to avoid?

Hot liquids

As mentioned previously, hot foods and liquids may cause discomfort and are not encouraged. Instead, eating food that is at room temperature may be better.

Citrus fruits

Although citrus may or may not cause an allergic reaction. It is ideal to avoid them to reduce the risks or worsening of the symptoms.


Buttermilk similar to citrus fruits, may or may not cause an allergic reaction. Hence, it is ideal to not consume it altogether.

Junk foods

Junk foods should be avoided completely. Junk foods are often high in oil or spicy which might cause more irritation in the threat. Furthermore, preservatives or condiments might also cause allergic reactions. Hence, avoiding junk foods temporarily may be a better idea.

Highly processed foods

As mentioned with junk foods, highly processed foods are high in preservatives. These preservatives may cause an allergic reaction and slow down the healing process.

Crunchy or harsh foods

Crunchy, spicy, and hard foods may be difficult to consume even if they are healthy. As the throat is still healing from the surgery these foods may be too harsh on the throat. In addition to this, certain dry fruits and such may also cause an allergic reaction.

In conclusion, you may want to con some foods that bring a soothing effect on the throat. Anything hard, oily, or heavy may worsen symptoms or cause irritation. Finally, the best way to recover from any surgery is to eat healthy and light food that can be easily processed by the body. Hydrating is another key to a quick and easy recovery.

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