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Does Your Child Complain Of Headache? Here's Why You Should Not Ignore The Symptoms

Kids can experience tension-induced headaches and even migraine because of stress, fatigue or peer pressure. Read here to know more about the kinds of headaches that kids can get.

Does Your Child Complain Of Headache? Heres Why You Should Not Ignore The Symptoms

Kids can suffer from tension headaches, which can cause pain on both sides of the head


  1. Poor performance or performance pressure can induce headaches in kids
  2. Peer pressure, stress and fatigue are common causes of headaches
  3. Symptoms of headaches in kids should be taken seriously

Just like adults, children and teenagers can headaches too. 75% children of school-going age are likely to experience headaches, research says. Headaches can be caused by migraines. Tension-type headaches and cluster headaches all come in the category of primary headache disorder. These kinds of headaches are caused because intrinsic processes. Secondary headache disorder are those headaches which occur as a symptom of another disease. Studies have shown that 58.4% of school-going children are prone to different forms of primary headache disorder.

Why do children suffer from headaches?

Poor performance, pressure to perform, peer pressure and less amount of physical activity are some of the main causes for headaches in children. Diagnosis of headaches in children can be done with the help of a look into the medical history and physical examination. This can help doctors find out an appropriate treatment for the headache.


Kids should get proper nutrition in order to prevent fatigue and headaches
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Following are the kinds of headaches that children commonly experience

1. Tension-induced headaches

Tension headaches causes pain on both sides of the forehead. They result in stiff muscles around the head and neck region. Teenagers and children are more prone to tension-induced headaches. Being stressed or feeling fatigued disrupts normal flow of blood to tissues of head and neck, thus causing headaches.

2. Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches in a cluster of over 5 or more episodes of pain in a day, or a week. Each episode of headache is likely to last for around 15 minutes. Cluster headaches cause excruciating pain on one side of the forehead. Symptoms of these headaches also cause agitation, watery eyes, nasal congestion and fretfulness.


Cluster headaches can cause nasal congestion
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3. Migraines

Some kids may also get migraine headaches. Migraines cause throbbing pain the head, which can worsen with exertion. Sensitivity to sound and light, vomiting and nausea are other symptoms of migraine headaches.

Stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue can induce headaches in children. They can also get headaches because of extreme physical exertion, eye strain, seasonal flu, viral infection and persistent sinus infection.

If your child complains of headaches more than usual, you must seek medical intervention before it gets too late.

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