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5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Children's Sugar Intake

Is your child always looking for sweets and chocolates all the time? Such habits can lead to over consumption of sugar. Here are some ways to reduce sugar intake in kids. Also, know ways to make your kid's healthier.

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Childrens Sugar Intake

Reduce your child's sugar intake to fight the risk of various diseases


  1. Consumption of foods high in sugar can lead to childhood obesity
  2. Add more vegetables to your kid's diet
  3. Do not buy chocolates and sweets to store at home

It is a very difficult task to keep kids away from chocolates, cake, cookies and other sources of sugar. Most foods which are on the top of your kid's favourite foods are high in sugar. Most foods rich in sugar have less nutritional value. Overconsumption of sugar is also bad for health, especially children. It can trigger the risk of several diseases along with poor oral health. Obesity is the most common adverse effect of sugar consumption which alone can trigger the risk of multiple diseases. Foods high in sugar also add a huge amount of unhealthy calories to your kids' diet. You need to make your children cut down sugar consumption. Here are some smart tips and tricks to reduce sugar consumption in children.

Ways to reduce sugar intake in children

1. Keep all the sources away

You kids are more likely to eat such foods which are available at your house all the time. Sugar is often hidden in many foods which you might not know. Not just sweets, sugar is present in carbonated drinks and packed juices in huge quantities. You need to check your grocery list once and strike all food items which contain sugar. If foods loaded with sugar are present at home all the time, kids are more likely to consume those whenever they feel hungry.

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2. Be experimental

The appearance of the food can develop a child's interest to eat it. You can be creative with colourful vegetables and make food more nutritious. Bright colours can attract children. Find colourful veggies and make an interesting meal out of it. Stop adding chocolate sauce and other syrups to food and find healthy alternates to make your food healthy. Try new topping and choose the one your kid prefers.


Adding colourful vegetables to your kid's food can make them eat it
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3. Skip dessert at times

Dessert might be your and your kids' favourite part of the meal. But dessert can add a huge amount of calories and sugar to your kids' diet. To reduce sugar consumption you can skip dessert more often. Make dessert for alternate days and slowly once or twice a week.

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4. Add more protein

Protein is necessary for muscle building. Your children should consume protein on a regular basis. It will also reduce sugar cravings and make your children eat less sugar. You can find many easy food sources of protein like eggs, nuts, dairy products and many more.

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5. Introduce new tastes

Sweet might be the most preferable taste of your child but you should help your child discover more taste and flavours. This method will make your child other like tastes as well and they will choose other foods over sweets at times.

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