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What Is Gentle Parenting? Why Is This Parenting-Style Trending?

This kind of parenting places a strong emphasis on age-appropriate growth.

What Is Gentle Parenting? Why Is This Parenting-Style Trending?

Gentle parenting encourages communicating better and avoiding reward-punishment parenting

Contrary to highly strict or permissive parenting methods, gentle parenting has relatively few downsides and almost never has a detrimental effect on kids' mental health. Instead, the kind, understanding components of gentle parenting cultivate virtues that aid in children's social growth while simultaneously setting sensible rules to promote the right behaviour.

Unlike the parenting practices of previous generations, gentle parenting is a calm, constructive approach. One of the numerous parenting approaches is gentle parenting. There appear to be more varieties than one can count, ranging from permissive and authoritative to free-range and mindful.

What is gentle parenting?

With the use of empathy, respect, and understanding as well as the establishment of appropriate limits, gentle parenting aims to create children who are self-assured, independent, and content. This kind of parenting places a strong emphasis on age-appropriate growth.

Traditional parenting methods emphasise reward and punishment. You reward your child with enjoyable activities, treats, and encouraging words when they behave well or do something excellent. However, if your child misbehaves, you might punish them by giving them a timeout or even getting physical, which is something doctors advise against.

The goal of gentle parenting is to increase a child's self-awareness and comprehension of their own actions rather than a reprimand and praise them. This parenting approach, which focuses on nurturing the characteristics you would like in your kid by being compassionate and setting consistent boundaries, is made up of four basic components: empathy, respect, understanding, and boundaries.

What are the benefits of gentle parenting?

According to a study, our early experiences can have a long-lasting effect on our health, behaviour, and learning capacities in later life. A pivotal period of opportunity for both positive and negative influence may exist during this time. A lot of empirical information points to the effectiveness of gentle parenting, but critics claim that there isn't enough rigorous, evidence-based study to assess its effects.

Despite its limitations, the available research reveals the following advantages of this parenting approach:

  • Gentle parenting leads to a better underling of one's actions. According to one long-term study, gentle parenting could support what early childhood specialists refer to as "effortful control," or the capacity to perform self-regulatory activities like concentrating in the presence of distractions.
  • It encourages better emotional and mental health of the kids even in long run. Children who are raised in homes with gentle parenting display decreased rates of childhood depression when compared to children whose parents had a more authoritarian style of parenting.
  • This parenting style encourages a solid bond or stable bonding between parent and kid. According to research, kids who have a strong bond with their parents are more curious, self-reliant, and independent than their classmates.

Is gentle parenting a good parenting style?

As of now, there are not enough studies on this parenting style that can show the scientific implications and effects of this parenting style. However, there has been various positive response from people that practice gentle parenting.

You're showing your child that you understand and appreciate how they feel, and you're giving them time to reflect on their actions and take responsibility for them. By maintaining your composure, you're also providing your kid the chance to see how you handle conflict and the chance to change their behaviour.

Setting expectations in advance and making a plan for how to react if your child engages in undesirable conduct are crucial components of this approach. Hence, trying this approach might help inculcate better communication and interpersonal relationship between the parents and the kids.

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