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Signs Of Puberty Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

Parents must make sure to take note of these signs of puberty.

Signs Of Puberty Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

Signs of puberty parents should know about


  1. The very first turning point in your childs life is the onset of puberty
  2. It is important for parents to recognize the many signs of puberty
  3. The signs of puberty in girls and boys differ

You know that your toddler will not be the same always. So why not be prepared for it! The very first turning point in your child's life is the onset of puberty. And this is when you need to take up completely different roles as a parent. Girls reach puberty faster than boys. Where boys reach puberty around 14, girls start to grow at eight or nine. It is important for parents to start recognizing the many signs of puberty in their kids and start preparing for promotion, from being parents of toddlers to being parents of teens.

signs of puberty in kids

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The signs of puberty in girls and boys differ and you need to be careful about the same. Watch out for these signs of puberty in boys.

1. Voice changes and facial hair

Your son would not always have the same low pitched voice always. When he reaches puberty, his voice will get deeper and have a coarse baritone. It is typical for the growth phase. He will also start developing facial hair. This does not happen at the onset of puberty but about four years after that. He starts developing a beard and the sense of shaving and styling the beard comes itself. This sign of puberty is common in all boys.

2. Breast changes

Not all boys experience this but some do. These changes take place in boys too due to the disposition of fat under the nipples. However, it is temporary and occurs mainly in obese kids. They disappear with time and are not the same as male breasts. This sign of puberty does not show in all boys.

3. Wet dreams

Wet dreams can be embarrassing for some but are quite normal. They often refer to ejaculation one experiences when asleep and results in erection. They are not the same as bedwetting. They are also known as nocturnal emissions.

The same way, there are certain signs of puberty in girls which parents should watch out for.

1. Menstruation

The most obvious and important sign of puberty in girls is menstruation. It happens after the breasts start to develop and pubic hair starts to grow. These cycles last from three to eight days and are accompanied by nausea and cramps in most cases.

2. Body hair

We all are born with some amount of body hair. But this increases rapidly after reaching puberty. Body hair may show on arms, legs, upper lips and forehead. When you spot these changes in your daughter, know that hormonal changes have begun and she is reaching puberty.

3. Vaginal discharge

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Don't get bummed out if you see wet undergarments or yellow stains on them. It is a sign that menstruation may start soon. But do not take it lightly. These may lead to yeast infections and cause irritation and itching in the area. 


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