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Childhood Obesity: 6 Major Causes You Should Know

More and more kids are becoming the victims of childhood obesity and the worst part is that parents usually confuse it with chubbiness.

Childhood Obesity: 6 Major Causes You Should Know

A chubby child is not always a healthy child


  1. More and more kids are becoming the victims of obesity
  2. Kids of obese parents are more likely to carry the obesity gene
  3. Junk foods also contribute to childhood obesity

The incidence of obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, and it won't spare kids either. More and more kids are becoming the victims of obesity and the worst part is that parents usually confuse childhood obesity with chubbiness. It's high time to realize that a chubby child is not always a healthy child. In the initial few years, a child with chubby cheeks may look cute and adorable but that excess weight may expose the kid to certain health risks in the future. And these health risks are not very different from those of adults. So parents, try to watch out for the causes of weight gain in your kids. Knowledge of these causes can help you protect your child from serious health risks in the first place.

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Here's a list of the 6 major causes of childhood obesity. Take a look.

1. Lack of physical activity

Gone are the days when kids would wait for their playing hours to step out of the home and playing in the park. Well, we can't blame kids for this altogether; who would like playing in the heat and pollution when they have elaborate video games instead. These games have evolved to an extent where kids can experience thrill and action of the same intensity, only without the heat and exhaustion of playing outdoors. However, this convenience ends up compromising with the health of kids. In the growing age, kids should be given foods with all macronutrients. If the child does not engage in physical activities like playing, these calories keep adding on to his or her weight thereby making them obese.

video games and autistic kids

2. Hereditary

Genes also have a role to play when it comes to obesity. Sometimes, abnormal weight gain in the child is due to a particular gene, which they inherit from elders. Kids of obese parents are more likely to carry the obesity gene, says a recent study.

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3. Unhealthy diet

Kids love junk food. They would anytime prefer a burger over a chapatti or a plateful of rice. And parents, due to their hectic schedules, have no choice but to give in to these junk foods. But you must remember that these fries, burgers, and nuggets are the main culprits responsible for weight gain. Once in a while, these foods may not cause too much harm but in the long run, they work as a slow poison for your child. So try to minimize junk foods as much as possible or try to make them at home in a healthier way.

obese kid
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4. Eating while watching the TV

This is perhaps the most common one in kids and in adults. Watching TV while eating is downright unhealthy and to your surprise, it contributes to obesity as well. Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recommends that people should concentrate only on their food while eating and avoid the use of all sorts of gadgets during this time.

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5. Soft drinks

Kids would simply love a sip of coke with a slice of pizza. But is that even a tad healthy? Absolutely not! Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and in no way can do well to your child's overall health. Instead, it would simply contribute to obesity.

beverages aerated drinks soft drink 650 400

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6. Overfeeding

At times, parents feel that eating more is equivalent to more energy. But that simply depends on the quality of food. If you are giving your child a high-protein, good carbs and high-fiber diet, it will contribute to energy. But if you are giving your child a high-carb diet and high-fat diet, it may bring down your child's energy levels. It can make your child feel lethargic and fatigued; not to forget the risk of obesity at a young age.

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So, parents, it is you who can push your child into obesity at a young age or prevent them from its clutches. Choose wisely!

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