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Women's Health: Ladies You Need These Nutrients The Most

A woman's nutritional needs tend to be more comprehensive than a man. See what women really need more than men.

Womens Health: Ladies You Need These Nutrients The Most

Women's nutritional requirements differ from men


  1. A womans needs tend to be more comprehensive
  2. Her body needs to cope with challenges for which it requires nutrients
  3. Citrus fruits will also help keeping skin healthy and young

Men are more Mars and women from Venus and so are their nutritional needs. Though the need for micro and macronutrients for men and women are pretty much the same but there are some nutrients women need more than men. This is because of the various stages a woman goes through and so does her body goes like hormonal fluctuations causing emotional, mental and physical instability. Her body needs to cope with all these challenges for which it requires nutrients. Given below are some of those essential nutrients. So ladies please take note and incorporate these in your diet:

1. Calcium

Calcium is important for the growth of your teeth and bones and is necessary for everyone. For women, as they grow up and reach menopause, their body becomes more prone to osteoporosis. This disease kills the body's capacity to make new bone cells and lead to thinning of bones. To deal with this, increase your daily intake of dairy products, almonds, kale, broccoli and black beans.


women need almonds for calcium

Calcium protect women from bone thinning
Photo Credit: iStock

2. Folic acid

An essential nutrient for women, folic acid should be included in woman's diet after 21 years of age. This is when she becomes strong enough for child-bearing. Moreover, it is important in lowering the risk of birth defects in the baby. Heart diseases, high blood pressure and anaemia risk is also lowered by regular consumption of folic acid. Green vegetables, avocado, oranges, tomatoes are rich in folic acid content.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is what relieves your stress levels, boosts energy and absorbs calcium to build bones. Besides this, PMS symptoms in women are also lowered by the consumption of this nutrient along with calming muscular cramps and lowering blood sugar levels. Basil, broccoli, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium and should be included in a woman's diet.

4. Omega 3 fats

Omega 3 fats are an essential nutrient for ladies as they are useful in building healthy brain cells, regulating blood pressure and also relieving menstrual discomfort. Tofu, kale, salmon, fish, walnuts and eggs are rich in omega 3 fats.


omega 3 fatty acids for women

Women need nutrients for better growth
Photo Credit: iStock

5. Iron

Women go through menstruation and birthing where body loses a lot of blood and to deal with that loss, it is necessary to have food rich in iron which manufactures haemoglobin for blood. Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, weakness and dullness. Higher consumption of eggs, beans, red meat, fish, etc. will boost iron content in the body.


eggs are rich in iron

Women need iron for a good blood count
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6. Vitamin C

A healthy immune system can be built with the help of this powerful anti-oxidant which also prevents cellular damage. Lemon, orange, peas, strawberries, kiwis are rich in vitamin C. These citrus fruit will also help keeping skin healthy and young.


vitamin c is important for a healthy immune system

Women need Vitamin C to prevent cell damage
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Some nutrients for women tend to become more necessary given their effects on her body and how they promote a better and healthier functioning. If one is not into the consumption of these food items till now, there is need to refresh diet plan and include them all to be healthier and stronger over the years. 


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