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Experiencing Menopause? Fitness Expert Shares 5 Workout Tips To Try At Home

Here is a five-step guide to staying fit during your menopause. Watch video as fitness trainer demonstrates 5 simple exercises.

Experiencing Menopause? Fitness Expert Shares 5 Workout Tips To Try At Home

Menopause can lead to several unpleasant symptoms


  1. Menopause can lead to changes in weight
  2. Exercise regularly to beat menopause symptoms
  3. Manage stress with a healthy lifestyle

Menopause can be a daunting experience for women. For 12 months after the final period, symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and headaches are experienced by many women. If you are one of them, celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has a useful guide to make this phase easier. "Even though we will all go through menopause, what we experience, how extreme our symptoms are, and how long they last are very individual. So, it is important to keep in mind that your experience is yours and have tremendous body awareness so that you can make lifestyle changes that will work in your favour," Yasmin said in an Instagram video.

Menopause: Exercises to fight symptoms effectively

She also shared a five-step workout routine that will make the phase more comfortable. "You do not have to train like an athlete, but you do need to start moving your body on a regular and consistent basis," reads the note further. She also demonstrated the exercises in the video.

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Here is the exercise routine you can try at home:

1. Moving Squat with Dumbbell: 10 Reps Each

2. Chest Press + Flye with Dumbbell: 10 Reps Each

3. Renegade Row: 10 Reps Each

4. Side Plank Dips: 10 Reps Each

5. Triceps Kickback: 15 Reps

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Watch the demonstration here:

In her previous social media post, Yasmin showed her followers how to ace the ongoing summer body challenge. The caption says, "Perform 3 rounds of 45 seconds each, take 15 seconds of active rest in between exercises and a full minute between rounds." She virtually taught her online community how to perform the exercises.

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Menopause is a natural process of ageing. Women should consume a healthy well-balanced diet during this phase. Regular exercise can also help control symptoms effectively.

You can try the easy work out sessions in the safety of your homes.

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