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Pooja Malhotra Says Some Diet And Lifestyle Changes Will Help You Deal With Water Retention Before Periods

Pooja Malhotra shares ways to prevent premenstrual water retention. She stated that some changes in your diet and lifestyle will help you get rid of the problem.   

Pooja Malhotra Says Some Diet And Lifestyle Changes Will Help You Deal With Water Retention Before Periods

Potassium-rich foods reduce period bloating

Women go through a lot of hormonal changes throughout their lifetime. Right from when they start experiencing their menstrual cycle, to when they prepare themselves for reproduction (conceiving), there's so much going on in the body. Usually, women get various signals like abdominal pain, food cravings, mood swings, or even lower back pain when they are about to get periods. Right? One such symptom happens to be water retention, bloating or swelling. Many feel bloated before their menstrual cycle and eventually, it gets better after the cycle is over. However, if you feel troubled with this issue, worry not. Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra shares ways to deal with it.  

In the caption, she writes, “A lot of women experience water retention, bloating and swelling before periods. Your pants may refuse to fit you and your belly starts sticking out. A few simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can help you get rid of these symptoms.”

In the video, Pooja Malhotra asks the viewers, “Do you end up gaining a kilo or two during your premenstrual week?” Well, you are not alone, she says. Further, she continues telling, “The good news is that you can prevent all this from happening by making simple, changes in diet, and your lifestyle.”

1. Include foods rich in potassium 

It's advisable to have food items like bananas, tomatoes, cantaloupe, sweet potato, raisins, yoghurt and spinach.

2. Include foods rich in magnesium

You must eat nuts, whole grains and green leafy veggies that are all loaded with magnesium

3. Include foods rich in B6

Pooja says that you must include walnut, potato, spinach, chickpea and seafood in your diet

4. Consume natural diuretics

You must have cucumber, cranberry, celery, garlic, ginger, lemon, watermelon, and dandelion tea in your regular

5. Avoid gas-causing foods

How much ever you like it, refrain from consuming gas-causing food, especially before your menstrual cycle. Be careful while having broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beans, cauliflower

6. Avoid high-sodium foods 

Pooja Malhotra advises women to avoid high sodium food if they want to deal with premenstrual water retention.  

7. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol

Refrain from caffeine and alcohol. Even carbonated drinks and refined carbs are not good at this time.

8. Get adequate sleep

It's extremely important to stick to your sleep hygiene and get a proper nap for about 7-8 hours every day.

9. Adequate hydration

Keep yourself hydrated no matter what.

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