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World Oral Health Day 2020: 5 Dental Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Pearly Whites Healthy

World Oral Health Day 2020: You need to follow several steps other than brushing twice a day. Here are some dental tips which you musts follow to maintain your oral health.

World Oral Health Day 2020: 5 Dental Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Pearly Whites Healthy

World Oral Health Day 2020: Follow these tips to keep dental issues at bay


  1. Brush your teeth more than two minutes
  2. Do not skip flossing to keep your teeth healthy
  3. Here are some dental tips you must know

World Oral Health Day is observed on 20 March globally. This day tries to spread the message of good oral hygiene practices to adults as well as children. This day was first observed in 2007. The theme for the world oral day 2020 is 'say Ahh, unite for Mouth Health.' Every year the theme tries to reach out to public, oral health professionals and policymakers to help reduce the burden of oral diseases. Oral health is as important as your physical health. Brushing your teeth twice a day is the best way to keep your mouth healthy. But, it alone cannot help you prevent every oral disease. Here are dental secrets you need to know to maintain good oral hygiene.

World Oral healthy Day 2020: 5 dental secrets you need to know

1. Never skip flossing

Flossing should be considered as important as brushing. It helps you clean the gap between your teeth. It removes all the possible germs that may be present in your mouth after brushing. Make sure that you floss your teeth daily.

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2. Spend more time brushing

Almost everyone is in a hurry in the morning. It restricts you from brushing your teeth properly. Your dental health may suffer if you do not brush your teeth properly. While brushing you should have enough time to clean your mouth properly. Brush your teeth in a circular motion.


Oral care: Brush your teeth twice a day
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3. Pay regular visits to your dentist

Many don't visit their dentist unless they face any problem. You should visit your dentist regularly, almost every six months. It will also help in early detection of oral diseases. Your dentist will also suggest possible changes you need to make in your oral care routine.

4. Clean your tongue regularly

Just like teeth, you need to clean your tongue regularly. Your tongue can carry several harmful bacteria or infections which can further lead to several health issues. You should clean your tongue regularly after brushing your teeth to get rid of possible harmful deposits on your tongue.

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5. Drink more water

Drinking enough water is extremely important for your overall health. It keeps you hydrated and helps you get rid of toxins from your body. Drinking enough water is important for your teeth as well. It will help you wash your mouth after eating anything.

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