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Top 5 Dental Myths You Should Stop Believing

Dental myths: Your dental health affects your overall health. You should maintain good oral hygiene to stay fit. Apart from brushing there are various steps that might help. here are a few dental myths which you need to know for good oral health.

Top 5 Dental Myths You Should Stop Believing

Flossing is as important as brushing for better oral health


  1. Do not skip flossing after brushing
  2. Pay regular visits to your dentist
  3. Rinse your mouth after a meal

Maintaining good dental and oral health has become a basic necessity. Good dental or oral health consists of strong teeth, healthy gums, and preventing oneself from tooth decay, gum diseases, and taking care of the overall health of our mouth. Dental health is still a neglected issue and there are many myths around it. Here's a list of few dental myths you should stop believing.

Tops dental myths

1. Brushing in the morning is more important than after meals

However, the fact is brushing after meals is more important than brushing before. Brushing after meals is the key to good oral hygiene as it will clean your mouth immediately.


Brushing after meals is important for good oral health
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2. Brushing hard or using hard brush keep teeth clean and white

This is a very common myth which ruins the surfaces of teeth and leads to attrition. You should pay attention to your brushing technique: stroke from gums to teeth at least 20 times on each side. So, for upper teeth brush in downwards motion and for lower teeth in an upward motion, preferably with a soft brush.

3. Regular scaling will make your teeth weak

Regular scaling once in 6 months to 1 year only leads to good health and oral hygiene. It helps clean surfaces that otherwise cannot be cleaned with normal brushing. Scaling when done properly with proper technique will not harm teeth.

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4. Oral health is not connected to your overall health

There is a correlation between your mouth and your body. Your oral health is connected to your overall health. Any bacterial infection in your mouth can enter the bloodstream and cause overall health issues especially heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more.

5. You need to visit the dentist only in pain

It is an old saying that precaution is better than cure if a dental problem is diagnosed on time it can be really helpful in saving the tooth. Visit a dentist every 6 months for regular check-ups to catch the problem early so that the treatment is neither extensive nor expensive and there are far more chances for the tooth to be saved.

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(Inputs by Dr. Gunita Singh, Director at Dentem)

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