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Top Nutritionist & Dermatologist Come Together To Share Dawn & Dusk Routine For Good Skin & Health

In a video, Pooja Makhija and Rashmi Shetty talk about simple ways through which you can achieve good health and skin.

Top Nutritionist & Dermatologist Come Together To Share Dawn & Dusk Routine For Good Skin & Health

Following a proper morning and night skincare routine is essential for good skin

If you are wondering about improving your skincare routine and also thinking of how to maintain a healthy diet, nutritionist Pooja Makhija and dermatologist Rashmi Shetty are here to guide you. In a video, the two are talking about what you should do to get healthy skin as well as what dietary routine you need to follow to keep your bodily functions optimised. The caption read, "Optimising skin care and nutrition - Dawn and Dusk edition".

Dr. Shetty outlines the routine for skincare.

Dawn skincare routine: Dr. Shetty says everyone should wash their face as soon as they wake up in the morning to cleanse the oil, sweat, and toxins that the skin releases through the night. Then, we should gently massage our skin with oil, as per your skin type. A morning message to the skin boosts blood circulation and can lead to anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Then wash off the residue oil from your skin as it can block the creams that you may put on later. Finally, apply sunscreen and moisturiser.

Dusk skincare: During evening hours, after returning from work, you can apply Vitamin C serum. Cleanse your face and use it. Let that stay on as you go about your evening. Before going to bed, you can wash your face and apply your nighttime skincare product, which could be something hydrating, repairing, rejuvenation, etc.

“It's important to break down your skincare applications this way to make the most effective,” says Shetty.

For morning nutrition, Pooja Makhija says we should start our day with sweet basil seeds or sabja in a glass of water. This helps curb acidity and hunger throughout the day, she adds. Sabja also has cooling properties. After this, have five soaked and peeled almonds -- for good fat, protein, and excellent fibre. During the evening, we can give ourselves a high-protein snack to curb sugar cravings and prevent overeating during dinner – since there's a long gap between lunch and dinner usually.

Here's the Instagram post:

Both Pooja Makhija and Rashmi Shetty regularly share tips on social media to help their followers improve their skin health and nutrition intake.

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