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Skincare Tips: Is The Winter Weather Making Your Skin Dry Out? Follow These Tips To Combat It

Skincare: Read on to better understand how to protect your skin from the cold and try winter weather.

Skincare Tips: Is The Winter Weather Making Your Skin Dry Out? Follow These Tips To Combat It

Skincare Tips: Lack of humidity in winters can dry your skin out

Compared to the warmer months, the winter is when dry skin is most prevalent. The seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause skin irritation. During the winter, dry skin can affect a lot of people, and the seriousness of the signs might vary greatly.

Different tips and tricks can reduce the symptoms and restore the skin's hydration. In addition to this, there are actions that people can do to keep their skin from drying out. Read on to better understand how to protect your skin from the cold and try winter weather.

Here are tips to avoid dry skin in the winter season:

1. Use winter-friendly products

The skincare products you use to keep your face looking young in the summer and spring months can harm your skin in the winter. To clean, use a mild, highly-fatted, fragrance-free soap, either in a bar or a liquid form. Super-fatted refers to how much oils are in the soap. To avoid it altogether, use a toner that isn't astringent. Moisturisers with glycerin, lanolin, or mineral oil may work well for dry skin.

2. Avoid hot showers

When it's cold outside, taking a hot and long shower seems wonderful, but it's not so nice for your skin. Everyone believes that having a hot bath is a good cure because it is cold outside. However, excessive washing dries out your skin. Your skin loses its natural oils as a result of the hot water. Your skin will, however, also become dry from the hot water itself. Your skin will become dryer the warmer the water you use.

3. Moisturise adequately

The skin loses its natural oils (also known as sebum) whenever you wash your hands, face, or body. Replenish these oils frequently because they aid in retaining moisture. This is why it's crucial to hydrate your skin after every wash, especially in the winter. Try keeping a bottle of moisturiser next to your sink as a handy reminder and carry a travel-size moisturiser with you when you're out and about.

4. Avoid Over-exfoliating

Excessive exfoliation can be quite harmful. Many individuals notice flakiness and dryness in winter, particularly on the face, and assume they need to exfoliate. However, exfoliating in winter can be too hard for the skin. Your skin will be drained of any oils or moisture, becoming even dryer and more inflamed. Exfoliating once or twice a week is sufficient.

5. Moisturise after every bath

Apply moisturiser right after getting out of the shower. It will help your skin hold onto the water it just absorbed. A moisturiser with a glycerin or hyaluronic acid basis might enhance the quantity of water absorbed by your skin. Another option is baby oil, which keeps moisture from escaping from your skin. Reapply moisturiser throughout the day, paying special attention to problem areas with dry skin.

6. Invest in a humidifier

If you are usually indoors and turning up the heat, the dry, warm air can cause the skin to become parched. To add moisture back to the air, use a humidifier. Most drug stores carry affordable models. Put one in your bedroom or get 2-3 and strategically arrange them throughout your house to prevent dry, sensitive skin throughout winter. A humidifier also helps reduce one's chances of catching winter colds.

7. Always use a sunscreen

It can be tempting to skip using sunscreen in the morning because of the shorter days in winter and less sunlight but resist the urge. The skin's moisture barrier, which is essential for preserving skin health and hydration, can still be stressed by harmful UV rays even in the winter. After using a moisturiser in the morning, simply add a layer of sunscreen. Research suggests wearing sunscreen that has at least SPF 30.

Follow these effective tips to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated through the winter season.

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