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Skincare: Ayurveda Can Help Overcome Your Skin Problems; Follow These Tips

Read on for some ayurvedic skincare advice to help you take better care of your skin.

Skincare: Ayurveda Can Help Overcome Your Skin Problems; Follow These Tips

You can use various ayurvedic herbs to make home made face masks to improve your skin health

Ayurveda is the ideal fusion of art and science for enhancing the beauty of nature. We are motivated to live a healthy lifestyle by the art of living. Ayurvedic skincare is distinct from other forms of cosmetic care. Ayurveda emphasises the importance of inner wellness since it will eventually cause your skin to glow. 

Even today, the majority of diseases on earth are best treated with this 5000-year-old style of therapy because it works. Ayurveda sets the bar for all-natural skin care regimens since it uses largely food-grade components and all-natural substances. Continue reading as we share some ayurvedic skincare tips to help improve your skin health.

Follow these ayurvedic skincare tips to improve your skin health:

1. Self-massage

Do a daily full-body Abhyanga or self-massage, which calms Doshas, enhances radiance, hydrates, nourishes, detoxifies, and rejuvenates the skin. Snehana is the Sanskrit term for love and oil-application. Try Udvartana or a massage with herbal powder for oily Kapha skin.

2. Seasonal skincare changes

In the fall and early winter, when Vata is more prone to imbalances, you should moisturise more, while in the spring, when Kapha is dominant, you should concentrate on cleansing, and in the summer, you should adhere to a Pitta-calming regimen. Consider winter dryness and summer Pitta sensitivity for Vata-Pitta skin; other combination skin types should adhere to a similar regimen.

3. Practice yoga

Yoga promotes calmness, has many health advantages, helps with skin and body cleansing, and gives you a radiant appearance on the inside and out. Do a straightforward 7-minute Sukshma Yoga for relaxation to learn more about the benefits of yoga for bright skin. Yoga not only improves your skin health but also improves your overall health. 

4. Try ayurvedic remedies for skin

In addition to Ayurvedic treatments like Abhyanga, Nasya, Udvartana, Garshana (dry skin brushing), Marma, Shirodhara, Swedana (herbal steaming), and Panchakarma, herbs like turmeric, neem, amalaki, sandalwood, manjistha, gotu kola, and aloe vera are excellent for the skin. To receive a customised approach, speak with an Ayurveda practitioner.

5. Eat correctly

What we eat directly influences the health of our skin. Making dining a routine is crucial when doing so. This is to sit down, put away your phone and TV, be present, and mindfully converse with the food that is sustaining you. In Ayurveda, appropriately seasoning your meal is essential for efficient digestion. Use herbs and spices to promote healthy digestion, such as fresh ginger, fennel, cumin, and coriander.

6. Eat right

Our diet has a big impact on how healthy or unhealthy our skin is. Eating healthfully and with awareness is essential because food is one of the main variables that contribute to the majority of the Doshas in our bodies. Ghee, coconut oil, dairy products, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, animal protein, and seasonal fruits are just a few examples of healthful foods that you should eat regularly. The finest diet for luminous skin can be identified, but, following a skilled analysis of a particular body type and Doshas.

Incorporate these tips to your skincare routine if you wish to improve your skin health. 

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