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7 Skincare Don'ts To Keep In Mind In Winter

Continue reading as we share some of the most common skincare dont's you should avoid in winter.

7 Skincare Donts To Keep In Mind In Winter

Make sure to moisture adequately throughout the winter season

As soon as winter sets in, one of the first changes in the body is drying skin. Drying skin accompanied by flakiness and irritation is extremely common in winter. However, that does not mean it cannot be prevented or treated.

To avoid drying and flaky skin in winter, it is important to understand what factors might be worsening your skin health and how can you rectify these issues. Continue reading as we share some of the most common skincare don'ts you should avoid in winter.

Be careful of these skincare don'ts in winter:

1. Don't forget to stay hydrated

During the winter, it is simple to cut back on your water intake. Keep a water bottle close by all day long to ensure that you are getting the recommended amount of water. Enjoy more herbal tea, such as green tea and chamomile, for a cozy winter beverage that is good for your skin.

2. Don't shower in hot water

Although we promise ourselves hot showers to motivate ourselves to get out of bed in the cold, they can really be bad for your skin. Your skin becomes irritated when you use hot water because it opens up its pores. In actuality, it also eliminates water and essential oils from your skin. It's okay if you don't take ice-cold showers in the winter. Nevertheless, after you've showered, perform a 30-second cold water routine.

3. Don't over-exfoliate 

There is no doubt that exfoliating will instantly make your skin smoother, but during the winter months, you will want to do it less frequently or maybe avoid it altogether. Because exfoliating while the skin is already dry can easily result in redness. Additionally, avoid combining chemical and physical exfoliation since this will only increase your skin's sensitivity and propensity for inflammation.

4. Don't skip moisturising

Your skin is prone to get easily dehydrated during the winter because water quickly evaporates from the skin, leaving it dry. The solution is to moisturise your skin before exposing it to the icy air. Apply your skincare products as soon as you get out of the shower to help keep your skin moisturised by trapping the moisture from the bath on your skin.

5. Don't skip sunscreen

In order to keep warm during the chilly winter months, we often go for the sun. But even though you might not notice it, the sun can harm your skin. Even in the winter, it is suggested to use a moisturiser containing SPF. The dark and grey days can fool you to think you are not being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, you must apply it year-round whenever you are outdoors. 

6. Don't use makeup to cover up

Never use makeup to treat dry and dull skin. If you don't like the way your skin feels, it may be dehydrated. Covering it up won't make the issue go away. Actually, toxic compounds in makeup like emulsifiers and preservatives can further injure your skin, which is already more prone to injury in the winter. Consider moisturising or hydrating your skin first before applying makeup. This will improve your cosmetics as well.

Make sure to avoid these skincare mistakes in winter to maintain healthy and happy skin. 

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