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Skin Care Tips: Here's Your Guide To A Simple Day And Night Skincare Routine From Expert

Skin care tips: A healthy skincare routine can help you maintain healthy skin. Here's a simple day and night routine you can try.

Skin Care Tips: Heres Your Guide To A Simple Day And Night Skincare Routine From Expert

Skin care tips: Cleansing, toning and moisturising are three basic steps of a skin care routine


  1. During monsoon do not forget to stay hydrated for better skin health
  2. Vitamin C can help you boost skin health in many ways
  3. Sunscreen should be a part of your daily skincare routine

Before starting a skincare routine, your mind must be flooded with loads of questions including what all products to use to get the best result, will the products suit my skin type and how to apply them. Dermatologists across the globe suggest that in order to get the most benefit of the regular skincare regimen, one need to follow three basic simple steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Toning is one of the essential steps because here we treat our skin with skincare superhero products like vitamin C, retinol, alpha hydroxy acid among others that set the pH right for the skin. This in turn also improves the health of your skin over time.

Here are some of the essential skincare steps that you need to follow during the day and night time:


This is the first step for any skincare regimen. Look for the products that are mild to your skin. It has been seen that people wash their face way too much with harsh cleansing products and that leads to the reduction of skin's natural oils. Surfactants in cleansers can damage proteins and lipids in skin, leading to tightness, itching, dryness and barrier damage after washing.


As mentioned above, toning is an essential step. People often ignore this step. It's great for people who have pimple-prone skin. In this case, pick a toner which has been specially formulated for acne and has ingredients like salicylic acid. It helps in controlling acne breakouts. For sensitive or dry skin, opt for a hydrating toner that will be beneficial for dry skin.

Vitamin C serum

During the day, Vitamin C serum is the best for your skin. Dermatologists recommend that once you hit your 20s, it's essential to use Vitamin C serum irrespective of your age, gender and the other products you are using. Vitamin C serum mends a lot of skin damage that happens due to the environmental conditions like pollution and harsh sun rays. It also helps in mitigating the dark spots in the skin.


Skincare tips: Vitamin C can help improve your skin health in many ways
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Eye Cream

The stress, irregularity in sleep and increased screen timing make your skin around the eyes dull and dark. Dabbing eye cream during the day controls the unintentional damage to the eye area.


Moisturizer provides the requisite moisture our skin needs. People prefer to use this at night but it's equally needed during the daytime. For daytime use, opt for a lighter moisturizer that will soak in quickly and won't cause pilling under makeup. Whereas, during night it creates a barrier that locks in active ingredients and hydration.


This is one of the most important steps in your skincare regimen. If you're currently remote working, you should still put on sunscreen. Sun rays are one of the main reasons for premature skin ageing. Over exposure of sun rays can also give you skin cancer. Moreover, if you're treating hyperpigmentation without daily SPF use, it's like taking two steps forward and one step backward. Blocking your face with a sunscreen of SPF 30 along with your neck and hands should be the last step of your daytime skin routine.

(Dr. Geeta Grewal is a Cosmetic Surgeon, Beauty and Wellness Expert at 9Muses Wellness Clinic, Gurugram)

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