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You Must Avoid Using These If You Want To Take Proper Care Of Your Skin

Dr Jaishree Sharad listed out the few devices and products that you need to stay away from as far as your skincare ritual is concerned. 

You Must Avoid Using These If You Want To Take Proper Care Of Your Skin

Dr Jaishree says that toners are not an absolute necessity for a general skincare routine

Later or sooner, each and every one of us realise the importance of a proper skincare routine. It's an essential practice because skin, being the outermost layer of our body, is prone to dust particles and easily turns dull. But, sometimes, we get too particular and protective about our skin and go overboard while using a lot of products and skincare devices on the face to achieve the much-needed glow. However, you must know what you should use and what is it that needs to be removed from your skincare ritual. Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad has posted about skincare listing the products or devices you must avoid to keep your skin healthy.            

Dr Jaishree Sharad shared that you can do skincare without these items:

1) Toners and essences

Ideally, toners are supposed to remove the left-over dirt and grime after cleansing and scrubbing the face. However, you really don't need to use toners these days. Wondering why? This is because most cleansers today are pH balanced and capable of removing all the dirt, grime, oil, etc. available on the skin. Thus, Dr Jaishree says that toners are not an absolute necessity for a general skincare routine. However, people with oily or acne-prone skin can use them. Similarly, essences can be easily skipped too, she adds

2) Loofahs

Most of us have grown up using loofas while bathing. However, many people have sensitive skin and using loofah may not be a good option in order to keep your skin healthy. The doctor states that loofahs can cause irritation, friction-induced hyperpigmentation and macular amyloidosis. Therefore, she advises that it's better to skip loofahs and use a soft washcloth or just fingers instead.

3) Cleansing devices and Clarisonic brushes

There are various cleansing devices available in the market these days. However, they may harm your skin in ample ways. Dr Jaishree says, “Clarisonic brushes claim to deep cleanse but they may just remove 5% more of the grime and that's all they can do to probably make one feel clean.” It can be skipped completely and you don't need them for a good skincare routine.

4) Guasha and jade rollers

There are common notions that guasha and jade rollers may support in anti-aging or boosting collagen, however, Dr Jaishree clarifies that they don't. They can be used to facilitate lymphatic drainage from the face. But this process can be done with a deep tissue massage using your fingers too. She mentioned, “Lymph fluid has a normal mechanism of drainage which may slow down with age or when one consumes a lot of salt or alcohol.”

5) Various skincare devices that can be used at home

Dr Jaishree mentions that home devices such as microcurrents and lasers don't give any long-term benefits. In fact, they are a mere waste of time, money, as well as effort. Be careful, since derma rollers or peels at home can cause infection or even scarring or burns. Hence, it is better to take help from a dermatologist if you really want to use them. Avoid home laser kits and microcurrent devices.

Take a look:

So, you need to be careful if you have been using any of the mentioned skincare devices at home. 

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