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Do You Have Dark Lips? Know Why It Happens And The Best Solution

Dr Jaishree Sharad, in an Instagram post, discussed the causes and treatment processes for dark lips

Do You Have Dark Lips? Know Why It Happens And The Best Solution

The skin of your lips is delicate and requires special care

There may be various reasons why your lips become darker at times. The sudden change in colour indicates that they need some care and attention. The skin of your lips is delicate and requires special care just like the other parts of the body. Are you someone who has gotten dark lips off late? Well, if yes, then Dr Jaishree Sharad has shared the possible causes and treatment process for the same. She recently shared a post on dark lips on Instagram. In the post, Dr Jaishree Sharad addressed the possible causes for dark lips.

Smoking: Excessive smoking may cause the lips to darken. It's a gradual process and if you continue to smoke or drink a lot, you could end up with dark lips.

Allergy to cosmetics: Sometimes, a lipstick or lip balm may not suit your skin resulting in some skin allergies that may further cause dark lips.

Allergy to toothpaste: It may not come to your notice but at times, your toothpaste may be causing trouble to your lips. Some oral hygiene products (toothpaste) contain menthol or cloves that lead to allergic reactions on the lips of some people.

Pursing, biting or licking the lips: This may seem to be a natural thing to do, but if done repeatedly, it harms your lips. The skin of your lips is delicate – pursing, biting or licking them will only harm.

Fragrance-based lip balms: It is very important to know if a particular cosmetic product is suitable for your skin or not before using it. Frequent usage of fragrance-based lip balms also turns your lips darker.

Poor quality of lip products: Poor quality of lip products may be inexpensive or budget-friendly but they end up affecting your lips. Poor quality lip products especially dark coloured lipsticks or matte lipsticks are not good.

Drug allergy: Some drug allergies could also be the reason why you have dark lips.

Lichen Planus: Lichen Planus is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that may result in dark lips.

Dr Jaishree Sharad shared the following treatment processes:

The first step to deal with the issue is to avoid smoking if you do regularly.

Do not lick your lips if you want to keep them healthy and good.

Apply a fragrance-free lip balm, three or four times a day.

You may apply ghee or almond oil too in order to nourish your lips regularly.

Avoid fragrance-based lip products since they may have chemicals or other ingredients that are not good for your lips.

Consult a dermatologist to rule out conditions like FDE or Lichen planus.

Take a look Dr Jaishree Sharad's post:

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Follow these instructions suggested by Dr Jaishree Sharad and take care of your lips.


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