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Expert Underlines The Causes And Solutions For Dark Patches On Forehead

Dr Jaishree Sharad addresses the issue of hyperpigmentation in an Instagram video.

Expert Underlines The Causes And Solutions For Dark Patches On Forehead

Excessive exposure to sunlight may not be good for the skin

Dark patches, or hyperpigmentation, are often a sign of skin damage. These patches are usually a result of excess production of melanin — a pigment that functions as a sort of protection for the skin. Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin generates too much melanin, which then creates deposits, resulting in spots and patches that are darker in colour than the surrounding skin. Often, many people end up developing such dark patches on their foreheads. To address this issue, dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad shared a video on Instagram and also mentioned the treatment process.

According to Dr Jaishree Sharad, here are the following reasons behind hyperpigmentation on the forehead:

1) Excessive exposure to sunlight: You must know that excessive exposure to sunlight may not be good for the skin. It may cause sunburn, and damage the skin in many other ways. That's why it's important to apply sunscreens whenever you plan to step out of the house.

2) Using rough towels: The skin is the outer organ of the body and is quite sensitive. Be careful if you have a habit of using a towel a lot for wiping your face. The constant friction caused due to rough towels may be problematic for your skin.

3) Acanthosis nigricans: This is a skin condition that happens due to insulin resistance. This may also cause dark patches on your skin.

4) Balms: Are you someone who has major headache issues? Balms, when used regularly, may have adverse effects on your skin, resulting in darkening on the forehead.

5) Allergies: Many people tend to use different hair dyes to colour their hair. However, they may have chemical content and could be allergic to the skin. Not just this, but the dermatologist pointed out that allergies due to perfumes or any other fragrances may also lead to dark patches on your skin.

Here are the treatment processes:

1) Avoid hair colour, balms or perfumes: If you are someone facing the issue of dark patches on the forehead, first, stop using hair colours, balm or perfumes and see if it makes any difference.

2) Check insulin levels: Do make sure you get your insulin levels tested every now and then, since this could be the reason behind your problem.

3) Broad-spectrum sunscreen: It's always safe to go for broad-spectrum sunscreens.

4) Use soft napkins to wipe sweat: Replace your rough towels with soft napkins if you are in constant need to use them on your forehead.

5) Use these products: It is highly advisable to use products with ingredients such as Vitamin C, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, Licorice, AHA, retinol.

6) Consult a dermatologist: If nothing works out, consult a dermatologist.

Here's Dr Jaishree Sharad's video:

Follow these suggestions by Dr Jaishree Sharad and say goodbye to uneven skin tone and black patches on the forehead.

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