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Don't Make These Hair-Related Mistakes, Warns Dr Jaishree Sharad

Dr Jaishree Sharad listed a number of mistakes that people commonly make while treating their hair. A must avoid!

Dont Make These Hair-Related Mistakes, Warns Dr Jaishree Sharad

Temperature over 150C will cause fracture of the hair due to bubbling and buckling

Our hair plays a major role in our outward appearance. Right from attending social gatherings, weddings, to just simply hanging out with friends, we don't want a bad hair day whenever we step out of the house. One of the biggest issues with hair is hair loss or alopecia. More often than not, we don't know the root cause behind it. But did you know that there could be some mistakes that you are repeatedly making while dealing with your hair. And that's what's ultimately preventing your hair from remaining healthy. Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad highlighted some of those common mistakes in an Instagram video.

According to Dr Jaishree Sharad, these are the mistakes people must avoid while dealing with their hair:

1) Using the highest temperature of your blow dryer

You don't understand the damage blow drying may cause to your hair and that too, at its highest temperature. Dr Jaishree stated, “Temperature over 150°C will cause fracture of the hair due to bubbling and buckling.” This will result in breaking disulphide bonds in your hair shaft, making your hair brittle and frizzy.

2) Tying your hair tight

Many of us like our hair tightly tied. Well, that's not good if done on a regular basis. Tight ponytails, hair braids, corn rows and even hair extensions, for that matter, can cause traction alopecia, receding hairline, broken hair around the forehead and sometimes even scarring alopecia.

3) Using a hairspray close to your forehead

Try to allow your hair to stay natural and style them as they are instead of turning to hair sprays for a desirable hairstyle. Using hair sprays consistently will clog pores and may cause acne on the forehead.

4) Towel drying your hair aggressively

Most of us have grown up doing this and nobody told us that it wasn't healthy for the hair in the long run. Towel drying the hair aggressively will damage the cuticles and make hair brittle and frizzy. Wrap a towel around the hair for a few mins instead.

5) Keeping hair wet for too long (over 30 mins)

This causes water to get absorbed into the cuticles, leading to hygral fatigue, resulting in lifeless, dry, frizzy hair.

Watch the video here:

Do keep these points in mind and take care of your hair the right way.

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