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Drinking Fruit Juice To Get Rid Of Acne? Here's Why Should Not

Dr Vishakha states that fruit juices may not be the direct solution to your acne.

Drinking Fruit Juice To Get Rid Of Acne? Heres Why Should Not

Fruits and vegetables can do wonders for your overall health

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables can do wonders for your overall health. Loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals required for a healthy body, fruits should quintessentially be a part of your diet. Experts have always mentioned that certain fruits and vegetables benefit your skin like magic. However, instead of having fruits as a whole, when you convert them into juice, the whole concept changes. Many people fail to understand the difference between fruits and fruit juices considering the two different things as one and the same. Do you also drink juice for better skin? Do refer to the latest post by Dr Vishakha on Instagram. She says, as a health expert, she will never recommend any fruit juice for good skin. Do check out her video for the answers. 

In the caption, she states, “Acne is most often triggered due to inflammation.” One needs to keep the hormones balanced so you don't get those zits and prevent inflammation. Dr Vishakha says, “While it's true that fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and are anti - inflammatory, juicing not only negates this effect but causes inflammation!” Wondering how?

Explaining it in the video, she narrates, “When you juice a fruit, you break down its cellulose layer and what you end up with is copious amounts of liquid sugar- fructose to be specific.” She adds, “Fructose is the worst kind of sugar. So, while you think that fruit juice is healthy because it's full of vitamins and antioxidants, it's just liquid sugar truly which means you are going to get the insulin surge, cortisol surge and ultimately, acne.”

So, if you want to balance your hormones, do exactly the opposite. Leave the sugar away and begin the day with protein and fat like I always keep saying. Sugar, whether it is natural or processed, will almost always cause inflammation, Dr Vishakha says.

So, what's the solution and how can you utilise fruits for your benefit?

Answering this, she states that if you want the health benefits of fruits, have the whole fruit in its natural state with its fiber intact. This slows down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream.

“I do not advise any type of juice unless it is a low glycaemic vegetable juice and that too only under guidance. Within a short period of lifestyle changes, i.e., correct nutrition, better sleep, correct supplements, and stress reduction, one can see a huge difference in one's skin," Dr Vishakha says.

She suggests that stopping sugar and processed food items can improve the skin significantly.

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