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7 Easy Ways To Avoid Getting Tanned This Summer

Protecting ourselves from the sun is essential to protect our skin and maintain it in the long term. Here are some tips to avoid tan this summer.

7 Easy Ways To Avoid Getting Tanned This Summer

Applying sunscreen while outdoors protects you from getting tan

To understand how to avoid getting tan this summer, let us understand why our skin tans in the first place. Tanning is referred to the darkening of the skin that has been exposed to the sun for long durations of time. Tanning is a natural process the body carries as a protective measure against the sun. This happens when the pigment called melanin found under the skin increases in number to form a shield across the skin exposed to the sun. These skin pigments work as armor to protect the skin from UV rays and the damage they may cause.

Here are a few ways by which you can avoid or reduce tanning this summer:

Avoid the sun

There is no doubt that the best way to prevent the tan from the sun is by avoiding the sun altogether. Sun not only causes your skin to darken but staying under the sun for long periods can cause wrinkles. Avoid leaving the house during afternoons or carry umbrellas and minimise the contact by using a vehicle to travel.

Apply sunscreen

Sunscreens are an essential part of maintaining tan-free and healthy skin. In fact, doctors suggest applying sunscreen all year-round and not during summers only. It may be encouraged because the sun not only causes the skin to tan but long periods of exposure to the sun can cause the UV rays to adversely affect our skin. It not only darkens our skin but might also cause wrinkles in the long run.

Apply sunblock

Some might mistake sunscreen and sunblock to be the same but that is incorrect. Sunscreen helps convert the UV rays from the sun into heat and gradually lets that cool off. On the other hand, sunblock forms a physical barrier over the skin and acts as a shield on the skin. Even though both are effective, sunblock can be lathered on and worn in case you are going to the beach or will be out in the sun for longer.


Exfoliation is a great way to clean and replenish the skin. Exfoliation through a gentle scrub can help scrub off dead dark skin cells that might have formed upon exposure to the sun. However, make sure to read the contents of your scrub, and avoid scrubs that might contain fruit shells or other harsh ingredients. Harsh scrubs might cause your skin to tear and make it more exposed to dirt, dust, and the sun. A gentle homemade sugar and honey scrub can be very effective as well. Scrub your body twice a week before a shower followed by moisturising and applying sunscreen to minimise tan.

Drink water

Drinking ample water has been repeatedly proven to be extremely beneficial to the body, and the list of benefits is endless. Adding to this, drinking ample water during the summer helps your body hydrate and replenish. Drinking a lot of water helps your skin in repairing its cells and reduces tan.

In conclusion, it is very important for your skin and body that you stray clear of the sun as much as possible. Taking proper protective measures will help you avoid tanning and other skin-related conditions in the future.

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