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Condom Use Rises 6 Times Among Unmarried Women In A Decade: Survey

The survey found that female sterilisation was the most popular method of contraception.

Condom Use Rises 6 Times Among Unmarried Women In A Decade: Survey

More number of unmarried women are practicing safe sex now


  1. Many men believe that contraception is only a women's business: survey
  2. Survey proves that contraceptive methods are universal in the country
  3. Family planning is still a cause of concern

Time for some good news! According to the latest National Family Health Survey conducted by the health ministry, the use of condoms among unmarried women in India has increased upto 6 times. The 2015-16 survey states that a huge number of unmarried women who are sexually active, are now opting for safe sex. Women in the age group 20-24 have been most actively using condoms. Alongside, the survey also states that 3 out of 8 men are of the belief that contraception is something that only women should worry about and not men. 

Universal awareness, not practice

This is information is surprising because it is a testimony to the fact that contraceptive methods are now universal in the county. 99% of married men and women, in the age group of 15-49 are aware of at least one method of contraception.

But this does not refer to safe sex being practised on a large scale. The overall rate of contraceptive prevalence (CPR) was only 54% among married women aged between 15 and 49. Only 10% of these women were using modern ways of contraception like condoms, pills, diaphragms, pills, male sterilisation and intrauterine devices. 

Numbers higher among unmarried women

Unmarried sexually active women were reported to more active in practicing safe sex through modern ways of contraception. Women belonging to the age group of 25-49 were reported to be opting for methods of female sterilisation.

The survey, as reported by Times of India, found that female sterilisation was the most popular method of contraception. Additionally, only 1% of the women were reported to use emergency contraceptive pills.

More people believe that condoms are efficient

The survey states that 61% men believed that condoms prevented pregnancy most of the time, if they are used correctly.

In India, the states that reported lowest number (24%) of contraceptive methods include Meghalaya, Bihar and Manipur. The highest (76%) was in Punjab.

Among the union territories, Lakshadweep reported lowest number of use of contraceptive methods at 30% and Chandigarh reported the highest at 74%.

Use of contraception is directly proportional to wealth

The survey stated that the use of modern methods of contraception increased with wealth. Furthermore, 7 in 10 women got their contraceptives through the public health sector.

While public health sector was found to source most of female and male sterilisation, the private health sector was found to source most of condoms, pills and injectables.

Family planning continues to be a matter of concern

The survey stated that only 2/3rd of the married women aged between 15-49 made a demand for family planning. 11% of them were found to give births after a period of time and 55% wanted to limit births.

Around 72% of these women were found were aware through messages about family planning, and 52% of them were aware through television. Women in rural areas with little or no schooling were less exposed to such information about family planning. 


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