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7 Signs You Need To Visit A Sexologist Right Now

Your relationship troubles in the bedroom, whether physical or mental can be solved. A sexologist can help you deal with them.

7 Signs You Need To Visit A Sexologist Right Now

Inability to reach an orgasm or preference to do it alone is not normal and sexologists can help


  1. If you don't enjoy intercourse or have trouble in orgasms
  2. If you are confused about your sexual orientation
  3. If the pace of your sexual relationship is not right for you
Like in most situations, taking help when it comes to your sexual health is not a thing to be ashamed of. In fact, you would be surprised by how widely your confusions resonate with people around you. A sexologist or a sexual therapist is the person you go to, when you need to understand the science about sexual health problems or when you are having trouble under the sheets. While most of us may not even consider the thought of talking to someone about something so personal, there are 7 good reasons a trip to the sexologist is worth it. A visit to the sexual therapist is on your cards, if:
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You both are often 'not in the mood' for it

If there has been too much time since you did it because you don't like physical intimacy anymore, this may lead to dissatisfaction. It may be either due to hormonal changes or pregnancy or psychological issues.

Your orgasms are evasive

If your orgasms have suddenly switch from easy to come to impossible to achieve and you are unable to reach the climax despite simulation, desire and energy between you both, visit the sexologist right away.

Sexual desire is all that's on your mind

On the flipside, if you are tormented by sexual thought all day long that are inhibiting your work life or other things, a sexologist may be able to figure out the root problem of your sex addiction.

You prefer doing it alone more often

While masturbation is natural and normal, if your preference of sexual activity is limited to yourself and not with your partner, this can create problems in your relationship and a therapist may be able to figure out why this happens.

Your body doesn't cooperate during intercourse

Problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness, painful sex can lead to embarrassment, anxiety and dissatisfaction for you both. These can be medically treated f you visit and take help from a sexual therapist.

You are thinking about your sexual identity

Questions about which side you lie on in the sexuality scale can trouble a person at any age, of any gender and regardless of how many relationships a person has had in the past. Your sexual orientation may be different from the one you are born with if you feel trapped in a girl or boy's identity.

You both enjoy different tunes

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If your sexual relation is progressing at a speed that you don't like or you prefer to explore different kinks like anal or BDSM, communication is essential, both with your partner and with a sexologist if you are able to reach a common point. 

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