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Planning A Baby? Follow These 6 Simple Steps

Want to get pregnant now? You'll have to put some planning behind your baby making. Follow these steps for successful pregnancy.

Planning A Baby? Follow These 6 Simple Steps

Once you know your time frame for ovulation, plan to have sex during your most fertile window

Not able to get pregnant? You're not alone. While reports of unwanted pregnancy are extremely common, couples struggling to get pregnant are also widely found. Pregnancy, though a period of high mental and physical stress for the mother is a gift for couples looking to expand their clan and welcome a child to their life. But your chances of getting pregnant can get affected due to hormonal imbalance, and other factors like body weight, smoking routine, stress and nutrition. If you can't wait to start your family, here are 6 tips you can use to get pregnant now.

Step 1: Quit birth control in due time

Stop taking all prescribed birth controls, injectable shots of progestesterone and hormonal control pills at least 7-9 months before the time you are planning to conceive. You body needs some time to start ovulating and to get back to the normal routine of priming for pregnancy every month.

Step 2: Watch out for ovulation

Today, even apps can predict your ovulation and they're very accurate. Our bodies have a monthly menstrual cycle where our ovaries release an egg (or ovulate) every 28 days. The days that lead up to the ovulation offer the maximum potential for pregnancy since during this time, intercourse will make sure that sperms are ready to meet the egg in the route from the ovaries. Remember, the sperms stay alive only for 3-5 days.

For the most approximate way to determine when you ovulate, subtract 14 from the day of your period.

Step 3: De-stress and quit smoking

Just like an unhealthy weight interferes with pregnancy, smoking also causes infertility. Even passive smoking that is simply inhaling the smoke while someone else smokes can decrease your chances to conceive by 36%! Similarly, taking stress can reduce your chances of getting pregnant considerably because when we are stressed, our body secretes alpha-amylase that interferes with fertility.

Step 4: Eat right

Start eating foods beans, peas, avocado, lentils, broccoli and other folic-acid rich foods since this nutrient can dramatically reduce the risk of certain birth defects. Avoid eating any junk or oily foods since these foods can spike up your cholesterol and inhibit the production of progesterone and testosterone which are essential for you to get pregnant.


Avocados increase fertility and also reduce blood cholestrol
Photo Credit: iStock

Step 5: Make the copulation right

Vaginal lubricants, both artificial and natural, like olive oil can slow down the sperm and prevent them from reaching the egg. So indulge in yoga to increase your arousal before intercourse and that way you can avoid the use of lubricants. Alternatively, ask your doctor for healthy lubricants. Also, a dry spell before you copulate can mean that your partner has dead sperm cells in his semen. So it's important that your partner ejaculates at least once in the days just before your most fertile period. You may need a few tries to get this right.

Step 6: Ensure that the sperm stay healthy

To fertilize the egg, you partner should also take precautions. A strong, healthy sperm can only develop if you quit eating tobacco and any other recreational drugs, at least a few months before you are trying to conceive. Make your diet rich in nutrients like zinc, folic acid and vitamin C since these help produce strong and plentiful sperm. Also avoid taking hot baths and saunas because heat kills sperm.

When to get help

If you're younger than 35 and haven't gotten pregnant after trying for a year, it's time to see a fertility specialist. If you're 35 or older, talk to a specialist after you've tried for six months with no luck.

Alternatively, if you know there's a reason you or your partner are more likely to have a fertility problem, it's a good idea to see a specialist even before you start trying


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