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Melasma During Pregnancy: Dr Jaishree Sharad Tells You All You Need To Know About It

Dr Jaishree Sharad shared how you can deal with melasma, a condition where you get dark patches or spots on the skin.

Melasma During Pregnancy: Dr Jaishree Sharad Tells You All You Need To Know About It

Melasma is seen as dark brown patches on the cheeks and nose

From acne and sunburn to rashes, skin problems are aplenty. One such skin condition is known as melasma. It's a condition where dark patches or spots occur on the skin due to various reasons. Many women face this problem around pregnancy. While it is common and doesn't cause a lot of harm, it can make people feel conscious and they need to seek solution. Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad addresses the issue of melasma during pregnancy in an “Ask me series” on Instagram.

In the caption, Dr Jaishree Sharad wrote, “Melasma is seen as dark brown patches on the cheeks and nose and it can eventually spread to the entire face. When it occurs during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, it is known as chloasma. If the pigment is epidermal, it goes on its own or with pigment-lightening creams. If the pigment is dermal, melasma may lighten but may not go completely.”

Here's what you must do if you have melasma:

1) Do not forget to use sunscreen every two hours when you are out of the house and do remember the two-finger rule — basically a technique where you measure the amount of sunscreen you are applying on your face.

2) Sunscreen gives protection to your skin, so you can apply it even when you are at home.

3) You can use skin-lightening cream that has kojic acid, arbutin, and Vitamin C among others.

4) Dr Jaishree suggested that AHA can be used while you are breastfeeding.

Here's all that you must avoid:

1) Strictly refrain from trying any home remedy or any other kinds of skincare hacks at home.

2) Avoid peels and laser treatments at this point in time

3) Avoid using hydroquinone and any topical steroid-based creams. While buying cream, do check and make sure they don't have steroids.

Here's Dr Jaishree Sharad's video:

Dr Jaishree Sharad often discusses skincare issues on Instagram. A few days ago, she dedicated a post on including proteins in the diet to keep the skin healthy. She also highlighted the amount of protein you must consume in a day. Dr Jaishree Sharad mentioned that an average male with a sedentary lifestyle needed 60 grams per day, while an average female with a sedentary lifestyle required 55 grams daily. Read more about it here.

We are sure these guides and tips by Dr Jaishree Sharad will go a long way in answering your skin- and health-related queries.

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