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Forget Medicines! Control Hair Loss With These 5 Foods

Tired of counting your falling hair? Eating these foods can help boost circulation in your scalp and prevent your hair from breaking and. Here are our hair loss tips.

Forget Medicines! Control Hair Loss With These 5 Foods

Prevent hair loss: Omega 3 fatty acids are a must to prevent hair fall


  1. Fenugreek and walnuts prevent your hair from breaking
  2. Eggs are great to increase zinc levels in your hair
  3. Fatty fish and lean poultry strengthens your hair by adding proteins
Has your hair fall made you worried? Do you always seem to be losing hair? Do you fear running a comb through your hair? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then your fears resonate with the 40 million plus Indians who fight hair fall in their everyday life. Once you have crossed the threshold age of 15, your hair are bound to fall and one of your tasks ahead in life will be to make sure you prevent yourself from losing so much hair that you become bald.

But fret not, there are some magical nutrients that can strengthen your hair and boost blood circulation in your scalp to help you prevent hair loss. Here are 5 foods you can use to fight hair fall:

1. Spinach

This green and leafy vegetable is good for your hair because it is rich in iron and also Vitamin C, an essential component that allows iron to be absorbed by body. Iron Deficiency can be a leading cause for hair loss. Spinach also has sebum, magnesium, calcium and potassium that keep your hair shiny and strong.

2. Nuts and seeds

Pistachios, flax seed, fenugreek seeds, walnuts, sesame are rich in omega acids and so good for your hair since they contain elastin that prevents your hair from breaking. According to research published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2015, people who were given omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid supplements showed 90% reduction in hair loss and almost equal percent of people developed thicker hair with faster growth.

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Fenugreek or methi is helpful in removing dandruff and boosting healthy hair growth
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3. Lentils

Folic acid, an essential supplement that is required by the body to produce healthy red blood cells is found abundantly in lentils like urad dal, rajma, masoor dal and moong dal. RBCs nourish our skin and scalp and provide it with oxygen required for healthy hair.

4. Eggs

A good source of a variety of vitamins like biotin and Vitamin D, eggs are very useful in preventing hair fall and boosting hair growth. Eggs are also rich in zinc and a majority of the studies based on subjects having hair fall show that they were zinc deficient. Since your hair and nails are made from the same protein, eggs are good for our nails too.


Eggs can be eaten and also applied on your hair to fight hair fall
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5. Fatty fish

Fishes are excellent for your hair for a variety of reasons. Fishes like salmon, mackerel and tuna are rich in essential Omega 3 fatty acids that fight inflammation that may be causing hair fall. They are also good sources of Vitamin B6 and protein, which is essential for keeping your hair healthy. Another kind of fish called the halibut is rich in magnesium which is good for your hair.

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