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6 Soaked Black Raisins: Oral Hygiene To Bone Health, Life Coach Luke Coutinho Outlines The Benefits Of Eating Soaked Raisins

Luke Coutinho shares the important health benefits of soaked black raisins.

6 Soaked Black Raisins: Oral Hygiene To Bone Health, Life Coach Luke Coutinho Outlines The Benefits Of Eating Soaked Raisins

Soaked black raisins promote better hygiene

Time and again, our elders have told us about the health benefits of consuming soaked dry fruits like black raisins. Reiterating the same, life coach Luke Coutinho highlights the benefits of 6 soaked black raisins and calls it a “powerful” practice that has existed in our country for centuries. He says that it can be a simple yet impactful lifestyle changer. Just take 6 black raisins and soak them in water overnight. Have it in the morning on an empty stomach. Follow this routine every day for better results. In a video on his social media handles, Luke further discusses the benefits of soaked raisins.

1. Soaked black raisins are rich in fibre

According to Luke, soaked black raisins are high in fibre and act as a laxative without making it look like a person has diarrhoea. The high fibre content ensures a smooth bowel movement first thing in the morning. The quality and health of your stomach and bowel movement are directly proportional to the quality and health of your skin and hair. People who suffer from constipation can also have this.

2. It keeps you full for a longer time

Anything that's rich in fibre, keeps you full for a longer time. That's why whenever you have fruits and vegetables or other foods rich in fibre, you tend to remain full for a longer time. This plays a major role in managing weight.

3. Black raisins are loaded with calcium, potassium and iron

Luke says that about 70 per cent of the people in our country are anaemic, and that's a significant concern. In such a scenario, black raisins meet the iron requirements of a body.

4. Good for bone health

Black raisins are also beneficial to bone health, especially for those suffering from osteoporosis. In addition, black raisins are high in boron. It is a mineral with high calcium content and is necessary for preserving bone health.

5. Beneficial for those with high blood pressure

People with high blood pressure should eat black raisins since they are high in potassium. It's also beneficial to those with high cholesterol, or high triglyceride levels, and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

6. Black raisins contain high levels of vitamins B and C

This makes black raisins an excellent immune-boosting meal. Even those with diabetes can have them as long as they eat it with 2-3 walnuts and 4-5 almonds. So, when their blood sugar levels rise from the raisins, the almonds and walnuts prevent the levels from going up too high.

7. Black raisins are great for oral hygiene

If you have bad breath, black raisins will help you get rid of it. It's highly antibacterial and kills microbes and bacteria that may be there inside the mouth.

8. Good for the skin

Because of its detoxifying properties, black raisins are good for acne and skin care. When it comes to hair, black raisins can help with blood circulation and scalp health.

So, why is it needed to soak the raisins before eating them?

1) The process of soaking enhances the antioxidants present in the raisins.

2) It removes any phytic acid.

3) It helps the vitamins in the dry fruit to be better absorbed into the system.

4) It's very hydrating as well.

Watch Luke Coutinho's video here:

So, irrespective of whether it's summer, winter or monsoon, eat soaked raisins on a daily basis to reap the benefits of the vitamins and minerals present in them, while also improving your health.

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