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Ever Wondered Whether Non-Vegetarian Foods Are Fattening? Anjali Mukerjee Has Something To Share

Anjali shares that white meats are also good source of protein while fish carries omega-3 fatty acids.

Ever Wondered Whether Non-Vegetarian Foods Are Fattening? Anjali Mukerjee Has Something To Share

Meat can help increase muscle

Non-vegetarian food items are quite popular among people across the world. Right from meat to fish and seafood, people love relishing their favourite food item. Most of us will agree that non-vegetarian dishes are rich in protein and other nutrients that are essential for the body. But you must know that anything too much can harm the body in ways we can't even imagine. Too much consumption of red meat may lead to health issues. Meanwhile, there is a section of people who think that non-vegetarian food makes them fat. Now, tell us, have you ever wondered if it's the food that is making you fat? Or do you, in general, believe that non-veg foods are fattening? Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee is here to clear your doubt.  

As per Anjali, the answer to the question is yes, and no. She then goes on the explain that non-vegetarian foods do have a higher fat and calorie content as compared to vegetarian food. But it's not really about the calories, in fact, it is about your hormonal response and where exactly those calories are coming from.

Anjali gives an example and states that if your calories are coming from ice creams and desserts, they could be labelled as bad and if the calories are being obtained from walnuts and non-vegetarian food, they can be called good. It is all about how your body digests and responds to those calories, Anjali adds.

Her post states, “While non-vegetarian foods are not inherently fattening, they do have a high-calorie content so they must not be consumed in excess. However, white meats are also a good source of protein and fish has a lot of importance omega-3 fatty acids.”

She then writes that there are people who eat cakes and ice-creams but do not gain any weight. Whereas, there are others who not only put on weight but also experience water retention and stiffness from bad calories.

So, further, she explains that the bottom line is:

1) You need to eat food based on your body type.

2) Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian; if you wish to stay healthy, increase the number of vegetables in your diet.

The caption also reads that one should eat a variety of nutrients from all food groups whilst stick to the basic principles of good health. However, you should strictly avoid red meats and organ meats along with processed, fried, and canned ones because of their high saturated fat content.

Take a look:

So, non-vegetarian food items don't really make you fat, however, you should know that they need to be consumed in moderation.

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