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Zero Bite Initiative And BMC To Join Hands For Treating Snake Bites Faster And Effectively

This aims at encouraging hospitals for giving a better and quicker treatment to snakebite victims all across Mumbai. Read on to know more.

Zero Bite Initiative And BMC To Join Hands For Treating Snake Bites Faster And Effectively

BMC and Zero Bite to tie up for better treatment of snakebites


  1. BMCs health department ties up with the Zero Bite Initiative
  2. Experts focuss on standard protocol for treating snakebite victims
  3. The session was very informative and an eye-opener doctors

BMC's health department ties up with the Zero Bite Initiative, a community led programme aiming at reducing deaths caused by snake bites in Mumbai. This aims at encouraging hospitals for taking better and quick treatment to victims all across Mumbai. During a joint workshop, experts focussed on the need for a standard protocol for the treatment of snake bite victims at BMC run hospitals. A session was organized on Wednesday, first of its kind, by the Hindu Hriday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray Trauma Centre (HBTMC) and was coordinated by the Department of Forensics Dr RN Cooper Hospital (RNCH) and was attended by around 60 doctors from three Municipal hospitals.

A detailed discussion on 'Advances in Snakebite treatment' took place stressing on the need for saving as many snakebite victims as possible by taking up the right methods of treatment.

Kedar Bhide, a popular herpetologist and the founder of Reptile Rescue and Study Centre (RRSC) while speaking to the doctors revealed that according to statistics, a snake bite is responsible for every two deaths caused due to AIDS or malaria and yet this issue is not getting the amount of attention it deserves. He also stated that most people are surprised to know that snake bites and deaths caused due to it are very common in urban Mumbai. This was a major reason for starting the Zero Bite Initiative in the city.

"Doctors should not be wasting time in trying to identify the snake species first but should start the treatment by diagnosing the symptoms shown by the victim as most of the time snake identification was not easy or reliable if one is not an expert." he said while talking to the doctors gathered at the session stressing on the need for a standard protocol, which could prove helpful in treating victims effectively.

Dr Freston Sirur, MD in emergency medicine working on the treatment of snake bites discussed about the various ways which can be used for the treatment of the patient specifying the dosage of Anti Venom Serum to be given to them.

"It's extremely important to keep monitoring the patient's health condition even after the AVS doses are given." he added.

While speaking to DNA, Bhide revealed that there exists a set protocol for treatment of snakebite victims by the World Health Organization (WHO) and a National Protocol and now that BMC has given a positive response to such an initiative, ZBI team plans to reach the top level medical departments for setting a protocol at all BMC level hospitals and making the necessary changes to manage snake bites effectively.

Dr. Ganesh Shinde, Dean HBTMC and RNCH stressed on the need for doctors to keep themselves updated with current researches in this field.

"We have assured them of full support in the future and we work towards organising more such sessions and work closely with an aim of saving as many as snake bite victims as possible," said Shinde.

Dr Rajesh Sukhdev, Head of Forensics at Cooper hospital revealed that the session was very informative and an eye-opener in disguise for doctors. 

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