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Your Diagnostic Reports Can Be Signed By Doctors Only, Says MCI

The recently released notification by the Medical Council Of India (MCI) allows only MBBS doctors to assume the signatory authorities for signing diagnostic reports and disallows post-doctorate scholars to do the same

Your Diagnostic Reports Can Be Signed By Doctors Only, Says MCI

The new notification from the MCI takes away signatory authority from the PhD scholars


  1. The MCI bars the PhD scholars to sign the Lab reports
  2. Earlier MBBS doctors needed minimum three years of experience
  3. Some medical organisations enraged over the MCI decision

In an attempt to drive out medical errors in diagnostic reports, the Medical Council Of India (MCI) has notified that only those who hold MBBS degree and therefore lie under the professional purview of either the Medical Council Of India (MCI) or the Medical Councils of various states would be allowed to sign Diagnostic Reports from the different laboratories. While the decision has been received well in the medical fraternity, there are certain organisations who are wary of it and might file for further clarifications since previously, reports could be signed by both PhD scholars, researchers & doctors.

This notification was released as part of NALB's (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) clarification letter which was sent to MCI to enquire whether those with doctorates in medical microbiology, medical biochemistry, life science, applied biology, cytogenetics and biotechnology could be permitted to form reports if they are co-authorised with a person registered with the MCI or other state councils.

Duly apprised by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the MCI released the notification barring all the post-doctorate scholars from signing diagnostic reports in medical laboratories.

According to various medical officials the laboratory reports were earlier signed by the researchers and scholars and all those experts also who were not registered under State or Centre's Medical Councils. This decision thereby only permits MBBS doctors to sign on laboratory test reports.

Many doctors and medical officials have called this notification a 'landmark decision' and shall be abiding by it. They note that the lab-reports signed by the certified scholars gave birth to various irremovable discrepancies, putting unduly pressure on the councils around the country. The current decision, on the other hand, is expected to put a halt on such unwanted errors during medical diagnosis.

Previously, MBBS doctors with minimum 3 years of experience and PhD scholars in the respective fields were allowed to sign. With this decision, the entire paradigm of medical practice is expected to change which sets no bars on MBBS doctors in terms of experience but takes away signatory autonomy from the PhD scholars.

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But some medical organisations have stood against this decision. For example, the National MSc Medical Teachers' Association (NMMTA) have not reacted positively towards the recently made decision and have written to all the authorities concerned to reconsider the decision.

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