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Apollo Hospital Launches Migraine And Memory Loss Clinics

Apollo Hospital understood the severity of the condition of recurring headaches and launched Migraine and Memory loss clinics to tackle the problem.

Apollo Hospital Launches Migraine And Memory Loss Clinics

Your recurring headaches could become much more severe


  1. Headaches affect almost 20 percent of our population
  2. Patients can develop depression and fatigue
  3. The goal is to offer personalised medicine to the patients
We've been ignoring the headaches since ages, considering them a minor problem which will eventually resolve itself. But with their increasing frequency and the severity of their condition, Apollo Hospitals launched a headache clinic and a memory loss clinic on Tuesday to provide relief to the ailing victims. "It is mostly youngsters who are affected and headaches can be a symptom of an underlying disease. If not treated initially, patients can develop depression and fatigue." said neurologist V.L. Arul Selvan.

Headaches affect almost 20 percent of our population. Studies have also said that in majority of the cases it is the women who are more susceptible to severe headaches. Even if the patients ignore the tension induced headaches, migraines on the other can be much more severe and require immediate medical help. Dr U Meenakshisundharam, senior consultant neurologist said a study in Kerala found that 35 per cent suffered headache from stress, and 25 per cent because of migraine Dr. Selvan informed us about latest treatments now available such as Botox and radio frequency ablation for such cases. "Acute severe headaches can be a medical emergency," he said.

"Memory loss can be a mild cognitive impairment that generally does not require treatment or can be dementia, which can be treated in some cases but not in others," said neurologist S. Rajendran. The memory clinic will focus on the reasons behind memory impairment. The doctors will handle situations compromising of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and head trauma all of which are the leading causes for dementia.

Both the groups will also provide counselling to the patient. The goal is to offer personalised medicine to improve the lifestyle of the patient.

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