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Unable To Sleep At Night? 5 Foods That Cause Insomnia And Anxiety

World Sleep Day 2018: These foods could interfere with your sleep patterns and lead to insomnia and anxiety.

Unable To Sleep At Night? 5 Foods That Cause Insomnia And Anxiety

World Sleep Day 2018: These foods are the reason behind your disturbed sleep


  1. Caffeine is capable causing insomnia
  2. Alcohol can have a serious impact on your sleep
  3. Avoid refined carbs at night for a peaceful sleep

How often have you found trouble in sleeping? You might have tried everything that could help in relieving from stress, and even taken proper medications for it. But have you ever wondered if what you eat or drink could make you have insomnia and feel anxiety? As it turns out, some foods which are a part of your daily lifestyle, may have the capacity to stimulate your nervous system excessively. This stimulation is very similar to a very strong stressful event. And taking medicines can help you get away with the situation, and relieve you of the stress temporarily. But it is important to reach the root cause of a problem and scrap it away from your life entirely. 

Following are the foods which are most likely the reason behind your anxiety and insomnia:

1. Caffeine

Studies have shown that caffeine increases stress hormones in people and triggers panic attacks in people. You must have heard that people have coffee when they want to avoid sleeping. This is because caffeine content in coffee blocks brain's adenosine receptors. Research shows that it takes almost 24 hours for caffeine to completely get your system. Gradually cut down on coffee every day and see if caffeine is causing you sleepless nights.

caffeine causes insomnia

2. Nightshade plants

Eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers are common foods in the nightshade family. Most plants in the nightshade family produce glycoalkaloids, which are natural pesticides that kill insects and worms. But these pesticides can have a toxic affect on human cells. They can overstimulate the nervous system and cause anxiety. Plants in the nightshade family are consumed by people on a daily basis. Hence the chemicals from these plants accumulate in the body over time. It takes anything between 5 to 7 days to get these chemicals out of your system.

tomatoes can insomnia

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3. Alcohol

You may feel that alcohol helps you in feeling relaxed and garner better sleep. But you might not know that alcohol starts wearing off from your body in the middle of the night and affects your sleep significantly. As alcohol starts wearing off, it causes several withdrawal effects like causing panic attacks and restlessness in sleep. Those who are regular drinkers should cut back on alcohol gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms of quitting.

alcohol causes insomnia

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4. Refined carbs like sugar, flour, etc

Refined carbs are sugars in food items like flavoured yogurts, orange juices, cereals etc, increase blood sugar levels and make us feel more energised. When the body's insulin works to normalise the blood sugar level, it leads to release of cortisol, the stress hormone. It also causes an adrenaline rush in order to prevent blood sugar from crashing. Many of you - who consume refined carbs like bread, chips or noodles at night - now know the reason behind your inability to sleep at night.

5. Fermented, aged, cured, smoked or cultured foods like salami, cheese or red wine

Fresh foods are turned into gourmet foods by adding bacteria through the process of fermentation. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down protein of food into tiny molecules which accumulate in the food as it ages. These molecules can have an adverse impact on our digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems. They increase levels of adrenaline in the body, thus leading to anxiety and insomnia. 

fermented foods can cause insomnia

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