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World Heart Day 2021: A Complete Guide To A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

World Heart Day: A healthy lifestyle and diet can help you ensure a healthy heart. Here are some tips from expert that can help you ensure a healthy heart.

World Heart Day 2021: A Complete Guide To A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

World Heart Day 2021: Exercising regularly helps improve heart health


  1. World heart day is observed on 29 September every year
  2. Heart Day tries to create awareness about heart health and heart diseases
  3. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly for a healthy heart

One of the most important organs in the human body is the heart, as it supplies oxygen and nutrients to our cells. On an average, our heart beats 2.5 billion times in a lifetime and constantly helps the body to function properly. This World Heart Day, let's talk about a complete guide for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world, accounting for 18.6 million fatalities each year, and it is also one of the major causes of death in India. It may also result in additional problems such as heart failure, irregular heartbeats, and so on, all of which can have a negative influence on overall quality of life. Hence, measures are required to maintain not just the heart, but also the entire body at an early age.

The majority of risk factors for heart disease are lifestyle-related. Prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true for heart illness, as treating established heart disease is expensive, and medical care is required for the rest of one's life. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, requires simply awareness and dedication. This can thus guarantee that cardiac problems are avoided, or that if they do occur, the body heals faster and with fewer consequences.

The following are a few ways to keep your heart healthy:

1. Being aware of our numbers:

One must be aware of the normal values of blood pressure, weight, waist circumference, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, and get frequent health check-ups after the age of 40 or even earlier if there is a family history of heart disease.


Check your blood pressure regularly to safeguard your heart
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2. Balanced diet:

A well-balanced and healthy diet is perhaps the most effective approach to combat heart disease and other chronic health problems. Include vitamin and mineral-rich foods in your diet and reduce intake of harmful fats, refined foods, and processed foods. Consumption of fat and sugar rich foods on a regular basis can raise your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, all of which can interfere with the proper working of your heart and, in the long run, contribute to a heart attack.

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3. Quit smoking and consumption of tobacco in any form:

When you breathe in air from the atmosphere, the lungs absorb oxygen and transport it to the heart, which then circulates this oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. However, when you inhale cigarette smoke, the blood that is transported to the rest of the body becomes polluted with the toxins in the smoke. These substances can harm your heart and blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular disease.

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4. Exercise regularly:

Spend at least 30-45 minutes each day in some form of aerobic physical exercise, such as a brisk walk or cycling, and include a few days of light muscle training activity per week.


Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, says expert
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5. Avoid prolonged sitting:

Sitting in one spot for more than 30-45 minutes has been linked to higher risk of diseases. It's important to take a break to move, walk, and stretch.

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6. Mental health is as important as physical health:

Getting enough sleep at night, engaging in some form of mental relaxation every day, and practising Yoga/meditation are all critical steps toward maintaining excellent heart health.

A heart-healthy lifestyle, especially when started at a young age, is the best way to reduce the risk of heart disease.

(Dr. Snehil Mishra is a Consultant Interventional Cardiology, at P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Khar Facility)

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