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Working From Home? Follow These Simple Tips To Stay Healthy

While working from home, it is crucial to follow all the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Here are some of these you need to know.

Working From Home? Follow These Simple Tips To Stay Healthy

Eat healthy and exercise regularly while working from home


  1. Eat a healthy diet to avoid weight gain when working from home
  2. Exercising regularly can also help regulate blood pressure
  3. Also, maintain a healthy posture while sitting

Amid coronavirus pandemic, there is also a huge burden of chronic diseases that are stressing out each and every one. This, in turn, has added an additional burden on the healthcare system. Many people are unable to manage lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension and are getting admitted to the hospital with serious implications. Moreover, excruciating neck, joint, and muscle pain, obesity, anxiety, and other problems have also become worrisome. It is the need of the hour to manage these serious issues by embracing a healthy lifestyle. Know about the vital tips that can help you improve your quality of life.

Many encountered joint problems and obesity owing to the sedentary lifestyle during the lockdown. Habits like binge eating, not taking medication as suggested by the doctor, and neglecting treatment have also been a matter of concern amid pandemic.

Here are some helpful tips to cope with lifestyle diseases and stress during the pandemic

Watch your posture while you work from home. It is a no-brainer that improper posture will lead to back and neck pain. Thus, it is essential to take breaks as and when required. You can stand, walk or even stretch. Also, try to cut down on your usage of electronic gadgets. In case, you want to lift any heavy objects then squat and lift them, or else you will suffer from back pain.

Start exercising on an immediate basis. Exercising is a boon for those who want to maintain blood sugar levels, hypertension, tackle obesity, stress, and joint pain.


Exercising regularly at home can help you maintain a healthy weight
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Stick to a well-balanced diet inclusive of all the vital nutrients. Make sure you eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, and pulses on a daily basis. Avoid spicy, oily, junk, canned, and processed foods. Stay hydrated and practice portion control. Do not forget to maintain an optimum weight. Say no to smoking and drinking and avoid foods with artificial sweeteners and flavors.

To de-stress, practice yoga and meditation as and when you get time. Avoid watching distressing news and don't believe in rumours based on Covid. Invest time doing your favourite things.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to poor mental health, seek help from expert timely.

(Dr Navneet Kaur is a General Physician at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Nehru Enclave, Delhi)

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