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Winter Weight Gain: Follow These Simple Tips To Avoid Those Extra Kilos

During the winter season you are more likely to gain weight. Here are some simple tips you can follow at home to maintain a healthy weight.

Winter Weight Gain: Follow These Simple Tips To Avoid Those Extra Kilos

Lack of physical exercise during the winter season may lead to weight gain


  1. Consumption of unhealthy calories may lead to weight gain
  2. Exercise at home for at least 30 minutes each day
  3. Add fibre rich foods to your winter diet for a healthy weight

During the winter season you tend to feel lazy and stay in bed, reluctant to do any physical activity. This however, leads to gaining weight by making your bodies lethargic. Also, your eating habits change drastically in winters wherein you consume more fat and high calorie food. But you can always fix these not so healthy habits by doing a few lifestyle adjustments while sitting at home. These will help you keep your blood warm and active. From eating the right foods, to small home based workouts, you can incorporate these changes to be fit and healthy. Here are some of these you can start from.

Tips to maintain a healthy weight in winters

1. Healthy Low calorie Soup

Soups are the go to in winters, but a few ways of preparation can definitely help you keep those calories in check. Example, cabbage soup is known to have fat burning attributes. Vegetable soup can also help you keep fit by replacing a meal in the day. So, you can simply consume cabbage or vegetable soup once a day to control your calorie intake and keep a check on your health as well as your weight.


Eat low-calorie soup during the winter season to maintain a healthy weight
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2. Protein Based Food

Protein based foods help to build up your body. It reduces your appetite/ hunger levels and improves muscle mass. If you binge eat, this diet will change your life! For instance eating eggs (egg white) is high in protein and provides the much-needed warmth to the body in winters.

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3. Indoor activities

Small movements at your home can help in stretching and flexing your muscles and in return helps you maintain your body weight. Depending on the intensity you'd want to choose from, you have a variety of workouts that can help you like - Yoga, Cardio, Strength and Conditioning, Walk, Zumba, etc. If you invest 15-20 mins at regular intervals, you'll definitely be benefited from these.

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4. Drink Herbal Tea

Liquid consumption in winters is as important as they are in summers. But you tend to miss that fact, always. So, a great way to include some liquid magic in your diet is to consume herbal teas. You can make different types of teas at home or go for the very simple and easily available green tea variants.


Try herbal teas to stay warm in winters
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5. Sleep Well

The amount of rest or sleep your body gets is very important. It determines the rate in which your body will function, body's metabolism, and collaboratively affects your body's overall well-being. Having proper sleep that is 7-9 hours of sleep is very important function properly.

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Even small efforts like walking while you are on a call, or taking stretch breaks during work hours will prove to be highly beneficial for all age groups. So, don't let the winters stop you anymore.

(Mr. Solomon Gomes is a fitness trainer and Lead Trainers program at TREAD(Online fitness platform)

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