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Why Isn't My Baby Gaining Weight?

Is your child underweight? Here are some of the reasons your toddler is not able to put on weight.

Why Isnt My Baby Gaining Weight?

Here's why your child is not able to put on more weight


  1. Lack of breast milk supply can stop your baby's growth
  2. Your baby may not be growing due to lack of feeding or nursing
  3. Check with a doctor for serious chronic ailments in your child

Sometimes your baby may be struggling to gain weight, or they might suddenly stop gaining, or may not gain enough to stay on the growth curve. This is not a reason to worry, because while your baby should be gaining weight steadily (with the exception of the first few days), it won't always be smooth and consistent. Your baby's growth rate will fluctuate- it will speed up and then go down, but overall, your baby should be gaining weight. If you are concerned about your baby not gaining weight at all or at the normal pace, it is important to speak to your doctor right away. Usually, the main reasons for your baby not gaining enough weight are:

1. Not enough milk supply

It's possible that your breasts are not producing enough milk to sustain your baby.

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2. Underlying health issues

Your baby may have a weak sucking reflex that leaves him/her unable to get enough milk from your breasts if you're nursing - or even from a bottle, although this occurs more commonly with breastfeeding. Other possible heath issues include breathing or cardiac problems, neurological issues, milk allergy, genetic syndrome, anemia, or undetected tongue-tie.

3. Infrequent feeding/nursing

Your baby may be repeatedly getting tired and falling asleep before s/he gets enough milk. Or, s/he may seem hungry, but may end up quickly falling asleep at the breast instead of actively feeding.

4. Improper latching technique

Helping your baby latch on correctly takes practice, and you may need to try out a few different techniques before you get it right.

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5. Formula is not being mixed properly

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You may be adding extra water if you are trying to dilute the formula, or if you think that it is constipating your baby. Diluting formula can be fatal to your infant if s/he takes in too much water and not enough calories. 


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