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Pooja Makhija Reveals The Best Time To Cheat Especially When You Are Following A Time-Restricted Diet

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija tells why it’s always better to have your breakfast than skip it.  

Pooja Makhija Reveals The Best Time To Cheat Especially When You Are Following A Time-Restricted Diet

Our bodies burn calories faster in the morning

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day for a reason. You have grown up learning that breakfast should never be skipped no matter what. It not only provides your body with the much-needed energy and motivation to carry on with your work, but it also gives your system a punch of nutrition right during the start of the day. However, there's more to it when you discuss the significance of breakfast. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija shares a post on Instagram explaining why it's imperative to have the first meal of the day. She also informs that even if you want to indulge in a cheat meal, the best time to do that is in the first half of the day, especially if you are following a time-bound diet plan.  

Her post says, “Do you know what is the best time to cheat?” To this, Pooja answers, “The first half of the day.”

In a detailed caption, Pooja explains that this is known as the power of chronobiology. She mentions, “Your body burns twice much more at 8 am versus 8 pm. So, this is what brings the breakfast debate to a full circle.” Further, the nutritionist states that it's always better to eat your breakfast than skip it especially if you are on time-restricted eating. So, while what you eat matters, when you eat also matters more, she adds.

Take a look:

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Pooja Makhija also informs about the kind of food items you must eat before and after a swimming session. In one of her videos previously, she talks about what should you consume before and after swimming. She says that you can kickstart your metabolism with small servings of food. At that time, maybe you can have fruits or a handful of nuts and seeds. You can also include yoghurt in your diet. You can top it up with caffeine. Don't forget to drink water before you make a splash in the swimming pool. After the swimming session, you can have your main course, the proper meal.  

In another post, Pooja Makhija discusses three ways in which protein can be beneficial for women with PCOS. She says protein regulates metabolic syndrome among women. It can help you control your appetite and curb hunger pangs. Protein also helps you improve blood sugar control in the body. Besides this, protein supports you in tempering down your insulin response. 

Take care of your body and try to follow healthy tips to remain fit and fine.

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