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White Jamun: Know The Many Benefits Of This Unique Fruit

White jamun health benefits: It is a summer fruit that can offer you multiple health benefits. Read here as expert explains dome of these.

White Jamun: Know The Many Benefits Of This Unique Fruit

White jamun can help you ensure better digestion


  1. White jamun is a variant of the commonly available black jamun
  2. It is loaded with water content
  3. Diabetics can also add white jamun to their diet

Jamun is a delicious fruit that can offer you multiple health benefits. Have you ever tried the other variant of this fruit commonly known as white jamun? Wax Jambu or white jamun is a summer fruit that is tasty as well as healthy. Not many are aware of this unique fruit and how to add it to your diet. It is rich in essential nutrient and can perfectly fit into your summer diet. Just like several other summer fruits, while jamun has a high water content that can keep you hydrated in the summer. Nutritionist and fitness expert Munmun Ganeriwal took to Instagram to share the health benefits this delicious fruit can offer you. Here are all the benefits you cannot afford to miss.

White jamun health benefits

"White jamun or Wax Jambu as it is called, is one of the tastiest summer fruits and is a variant of the black jamun or the black plum. It is also called wax apple or water apple due to its texture and water content," Ganeriwal mentions in her post.

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The nutritionist further mentions that it has been found in a lot of Ayurvedic, Unani and Chinese medicines and is known to treat many digestive problems. Therefore, it is used as an ingredient in churans or laxative powder. Jamuns are also known for their properties that can help boost digestion.


White jamun can help get rid of digestive issues
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"White jamun is also great for diabetics too, as it helps to improve blood sugar control. The seeds are rich in calcium and also high in protein. The fruit also helps in reducing throat infections. Regular intake of white jamun also helps fight flatulence effectively," adds Ganeriwal.

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You can enjoy this fruit as it is or make it a part of your fruit salad. The summer season offers a wide variety of fruits. It is healthy to add seasonal fruits to your diet. From mangoes to watermelon, you can make several fruits a part of your diet.

So, skip unhealthy snacks and add the goodness of seasonal fruits to your summer diet.

(Munmun Ganeriwal is a Nutritionist, Fitness Expert and Yoga Teacher at Mumbai)

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