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Facing Post-Pregnancy Hair Fall? Dermatologist Reveals The Causes

Women often face increased hair fall after childbirth and much of it is caused by hormonal fluctuations and changes in blood circulation levels.

Facing Post-Pregnancy Hair Fall? Dermatologist Reveals The Causes

Several factors including hormonal imbalance can lead to post-pregnancy hair fall


  1. There are several reasons behind post-pregnancy hair fall
  2. Poor nutrition is one of the possible causes
  3. Hormonal imbalance is also one of the causes

Women often face a heap of problems after their pregnancy period. And among the many issues that new mothers face, one of the most common problems is the alarming rate of hair fall on a daily basis. The problem is elevated by the lack of knowledge about what causes this phase of hair fall. Superficial cures often don't work because the problem is caused by fluctuations in the internal system of the body. Dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty talked about the factors that lead to postpartum or post-pregnancy hair fall in a recent video on Instagram. Here are the key takeaways from her video.

Know what leads to post-pregnancy hair fall

1) Estrogen and Progesterone

These hormones increase during pregnancy and their levels fall soon after childbirth. They play a pivotal role in hair growth and their reduction is often a cause for hair fall.

2) Nutrition

Mothers often get their best dose of nutrition and supplements before and during pregnancy. After pregnancy, many women start neglecting their nutrition levels while catering to the needs of the baby. This can cause a reduction in essential nutrients that are required for the mother's hair growth.

3) Other hormones

Estrogen and progesterone are not the only hormones that play a role in keeping a woman's hair healthy. Certain other hormones like thyroid hormones also fluctuate during pregnancy. This fluctuation can lead to gradual hair fall after pregnancy.

4) Blood circulation

Blood circulation and the volume of blood pumping through the mother's body increases during pregnancy. Good blood circulation stimulates and sustains good hair health. The circulation falls after pregnancy and hence the hair fall.

5) Lifestyle habits

Not all of the factors are caused by the body internally. Certain lifestyle habits such as taking a very hot shower after the pregnancy period can also hamper the scalp and lead to damaged hair follicles, the expert said. A not-so-healthy scalp means more hair loss.

Dr Rashmi had earlier shared a video on how to treat hair fall in general. She had talked about not tying the hair too tight, regularly washing the scalp as often as it gets oily,  sweaty or dirty, protecting the hair from UV rays of the sun, using hair-care supplements and indulging in some good old oil massages.

So, ladies try these tips and keep your hair strong.

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