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List Of Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure

Let's look at the list of foods you should avoid in case you have high blood pressure.

List Of Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure

Avoiding certain foods can help you keep your blood pressure in check

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a common heart-related condition in which the flow of blood against the arteries is fast enough to cause chronic heart diseases. Although high blood pressure does not always have noticeable symptoms, a few of the common ones would be nosebleeds, headaches, breathlessness, etc. Hence, you are advised to take regular body checkups to notice any abnormality. 

Studies show that what we eat plays a major role in controlling our blood pressure. In this article, we discuss the foods you should avoid if you have high blood pressure.

Foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure:


Coffee contains high levels of caffeine, which results in a sudden boost in energy whenever one may consume coffee. This also temporarily causes your blood pressure to get higher. Hence, doctors advise high blood pressure patients to avoid coffee and other high caffeine beverages. You can either try decaffeinated coffee if you want to enjoy coffee without the effects of caffeine. 

Red meat

The process required to digest red meat might promote an increase in one's blood pressure. Some of the most common red meats are lamb, beef, pork, veal, goat, etc. 


Drinking excessive alcohol can also boost your blood pressure. In addition to this, prolonged alcohol consumption can also cause other chronic heart diseases. Although, studies prove consuming alcohol occasionally may not cause severe effects on our blood pressure. 

Processed foods

Processed foods such as packed chips, canned vegetables, ready-to-eat food, etc. might appear healthier than junk food, however, they have a lot of preservatives and sodium added to them to maintain their quality. It is always advised to consume fresh foods and preferably cook fresh food instead of consuming foods that have months and years of shelf-life.  

Foods high in sodium

As discussed above, an increase in consumption of sodium in foods can instantly boost your blood pressure. Almost all processed foods or junk foods have high levels of sodium in them.

Foods high in sugar

Similar to salty foods, foods that are high in sugar have also been proven to increase blood pressure. Sugar is also excessively found in junk foods and processed foods. Sugar slows down the production of nitric oxide. Since nitric oxide promotes elasticity of our blood vessels, a decrease in nitric oxide levels might result in a rise in blood pressure.


Smoking momentarily increases blood pressure, along with which, the chemicals in tobacco can also harm the insides of our artery walls. This can constrict your arteries and put us at risk for heart disease. 

In conclusion, the best way to navigate if you have high blood pressure is to take regular body checkups. In case you do suffer from high blood pressure, it is necessary to thoroughly research and navigate what foods are good for you and which ones are bad. Finally, you can always take the necessary medication as advised by your doctor, if necessary. We still encourage you to eat a healthy diet that is fit for high blood pressure patients. 

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