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What Are Female Condoms And How To Use Them

Female condoms work pretty much like male condoms and women can use them just the way they use tampons.

What Are Female Condoms And How To Use Them

Female condoms help in having safe sex.


  1. Female condoms help in having safer sex
  2. Female condoms come with lubrication
  3. They can be used just the way women use tampons

Shout out to all ladies who are too afraid of unwanted pregnancy, despite their man using condoms. We are all aware that condoms do not provide 100 % protection and no matter what, there can always be a situation similar to Ross and Rachel from "Friends". However, you can save yourself from the horror by increasing protection with the help of female condoms. Just like male condoms, female condoms are worn by ladies inside their vaginas to prevent the semen getting into the womb.

How to use a female condom?

  • Female condoms are larger in size as compared to male condoms. If you are used to using tampons, it is not going to be too difficult to use condoms too.
  • The first and the very important thing to follow is to check the expiry date of the condoms.
  • Female condoms are already lubricated, you can add spermicide or more lube if you want.
  • Choose a comfortable position to insert the condom. You can squat, lie down or put one leg on the chair, or whichever way is comfortable. It is more or less like how you add tampons.
  • Squeeze the sides of the inner ring at the closed end of the condom and slide it into your vagina
  • Push the ring as inside as possible and make sure that it is not twisted.
  • The outer ring of the condom should hang about an inch out of your vagina, and you're ready to go!
  • Guide your partner's penis inside the condom to make sure that it doesn't slide sideways on your vaginal walls.
  • For anal sex, remove the inner ring and insert the condom with your finger. Leave an inch of the condom hanging outside your anus.

How to remove a female condom?

  • To ensure that the semen doesn't fall out of the condom, twist the outer ring of the condom that you left hanging out while inserting it.
  • Gently pull out and trash it. Make sure you do not flush condoms as they can clog your drain.
  • Remember that condoms are not reusable and you should never use the same condom twice.

Things to remember

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  • During intercourse, you might the condom might move against your vagina's walls time and again. It is completely normal as far as you make sure that the penis is surrounded by the condom at all times.
  • However, just like male condoms, even female condoms don't offer 100 % protection. Having contraceptive is your last resort to refrain from unwanted pregnancy. 

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