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This Glutes Workout Is Perfect To Tone And Strengthen Your Butt- Try It Now!

Glutes workout: Want a toned and strong butt? This five exercise glutes workout from Kayla Itsines could be a perfect pick for you. Try it now!

This Glutes Workout Is Perfect To Tone And Strengthen Your Butt- Try It Now!

This glutes workout can be done within 30 minutes


  1. This glutes workout can help in strengtheing your glutes muscles
  2. It can be done anytime, anywhere
  3. It requires less space and can be done without any equipment

Have you ever thought about just how important your glutes (butt) are? We bet you haven't. And we don't blame you for the same. Many people look at exercising as a pathway to weight loss alone. However, regular exercise is actually the path way to a long, healthy and disease-free life. Building glutes, for example, is one of the most common fitness trends right now, says Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines. "They are actually a lot more important than you might think. Not only do the glutes make up the largest muscle group in your whole body, but your glutes also help to support your hamstrings, lower back, core, and pelvis," she informs in the caption of her recent Instagram post.

Workout that targets your glutes

A toned butt looks great, of course. You need to do workouts that target the muscles in the area, regularly. Squats and lunges are some of the most effective exercises for your glutes.

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In her Insta post, Itsines shares a workout that can strengthen your glutes. You can do this workout at home, it needs no equipment. You can do it anytime, anywhere. It includes a total of five exercises. Here are they:

  • Double-Pulse Sumo Squat - 12 reps
  • Curtsy Lunge - 24 reps (12 per side)
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge - 24 reps (12 per side)
  • Glute Bridge Walkout - 12 reps
  • Lateral Lunge & Knee up - 24 reps (12 per side)

You need to complete three to four laps of this workout. You can do it as a standalone workout or do it in combination with a cardio or weight training routine. Set a timer and see how long it takes to complete this workout. It should not take more than 30 minutes.

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Try this glutes for your evening routine today. Let's do this!

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