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Weight Loss: These 5 Factors Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Weight loss: Metabolism affects the weight loss process. Slow metabolism may slow down the weight loss process. Here are some factor which affects your weight loss.

Weight Loss: These 5 Factors Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Weight loss: Regular exercise can help boost metabolism


  1. Better metabolism results in better weight loss
  2. Staying hydrated can help boost metabolism
  3. Consume enough calories to boost metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts whatever you consume into energy. Your metabolism plays a significant role in weight loss. Better metabolism results in better weight loss. But it is not the only factor responsible for weight loss. According to studies, slow metabolism is not the reason behind weight gain. Speeding metabolism can help you burn more calories. Several factors affect your body's metabolic rate. These may vary from diet to lifestyle. While some of these are modifiable and some are not. If you are trying to lose weight and want to speed up your metabolism, here's a list of factors that can affect your metabolism.

Factors that affect metabolism

1. Age

As you age your metabolism reduces. It is one of the non-modifiable factors. Regular exercise and consumption of a well-balanced diet can help you maintain a healthy weight.

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2. Unhealthy diets

Many choose a crash diet for quick weight loss. But these diets may offer you several side effects as most crash diets lack essential nutrients. Consumption of very few calories can affect your metabolism.

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3. Improper sleep

Sleep is essential for your overall health. When you do not sleep properly your body secrets hormones which can make you consume more calories resulting in weight gain. Inadequate sleep can affect your metabolism negatively.


Poor sleep schedule can affect your metabolism negatively
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4. Stress

Stress negatively affects your health in several ways. It also makes you consume more calories. Chronic stress can also affect metabolism and may make you gain weight.

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5. Gender

Men have faster metabolism than women. Being a woman may lead to slower metabolism. Genes may also play a role.

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