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Typhoid Fever: Know Prevention Steps And Symptoms To Watch Out For

Typhoid is caused by Salmonella Typhi. Contaminated water and food are leading causes of typhoid fever. Read here to know the symptoms and prevention steps you need to follow.

Typhoid Fever: Know Prevention Steps And Symptoms To Watch Out For

Typhoid: Drink only filtered water to prevent typhoid fever.


  1. To avoid infection always wash vegetables and fruits before you eat
  2. Typhoid fever is caused by consuming contaminated food and water
  3. It is very important to stay hydrated during typhoid fever

Typhoid is a bacterial infection that leads to high fever and other issues. Typhoid fever is a systemic infection caused by Salmonella Typhi. Consumption of contaminated food and water contributes to typhoid fever. Close contact with someone who is infected can also lead to the spread of the disease. The signs and symptoms of typhoid develop gradually. This condition is more common during the rainy season and generally affects children. Increases water pollution is also one of the major concerns which can contribute to several water-borne diseases. Read here to know about the symptoms of typhoid and precautions one should follow.

Typhoid fever: Know the symptoms and precautions

Usually, symptoms begin between 6 to 30 days after the exposure. Fever and rash are the two common symptoms. Some of the symptoms one may experience during early illness are- weakness, fatigue, sweating loss of appetite, abdominal pain, muscle ache, sweating, diarrhea and swollen abdomen.

If left untreated, the fever may continue and the condition may become severe.

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Typhoid fever can lead to constant fatigue
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Prevention steps

Typhoid vaccine is available but it is not 100 percent effective. There are several other precautions one can follow to prevent exposure to the infection. Some of these prevention steps are-

1. Drink only filtered water: You should avoid drinking contaminated water. Contaminated water is a concern in many areas. Therefore, always choose filtered water for consumption.

2. Choose fresh foods: Pick only fresh foods and vegetables for consumption. Do not store these for too long and always wash before consumption. Also, do not store chopped fruits and vegetables.

3. Wash your hands frequently: Handwashing has been emphasised enough in the past few months. Frequent hand washing helps you get rid of bacteria and infection from the hands. This healthy hygiene practice can help you prevent several diseases.

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