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HIIT Alert: Try This Power-packed Workout Routine With Dumbbells To Stay Fit At Home

Try this intense and effective exercise routine by fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala for effective results.

HIIT Alert: Try This Power-packed Workout Routine With Dumbbells To Stay Fit At Home

A HIIT workout routine is typically small but helps burn more calories


  1. HIIT workouts can help you burn more calories in shorter duration
  2. You will require dumbbells to perform this workout
  3. If you do not have dumbbells, use water bottles

HIIT is a form of interval training that combines cardiovascular exercises with anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises are those that break down glucose in the body without oxygen, these exercises are usually intense but shorter in duration. A HIIT workout routine typically lasts around 30 minutes. The benefits of this form of workout are that it burns more calories in a short period of time and also gives your body an adequate amount of rest time between each session. Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala shared a series of videos on her social media demonstrating some simple but effective high-energy exercises with the use of dumbbells.

Weight loss: HIIT exercises you can try at home

In case you do not have dumbbells you can do the same exercises with the help of water bottles, suggests Yasmin, “Use water bells (water bottles) if you don't have dumbbells.” Karachiwala posted the videos along with the caption, “Hustle for that muscle with this dumbbell HIIT workout. Power start this week with my dumbbell HIIT workout.  Perform 3 rounds of 45 seconds each, take 15 seconds of active rest in between exercises and a full minute between rounds.”

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In the video, Yasmin demonstrated the following high-intensity exercises along with a slower modified version for beginners (indicated with M below):

1) Dumbbell Forward Lunge With Rotation

    M: Dumbbell reverse lunge with rotation

2) Plank Dumbbell Pull Through Side To Side

    M: Modified plank pull through

3) Alternate Shoulder Press From Overhead

    M: Alternate shoulder press

4) Russian Twist + Overhead Press

  M: Russian twist with feet down

5)  Cross Jack + Front Arm Raise

   M: Side step with front raise

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Watch the full video here:

In case you are looking for another set of HIIT exercises to add to your workout routine. Take a look at this video demonstrated by Yasmin Karachiwala wherein she combines HIIT exercises with Pilates for an effective full-body workout. In the video Yasmin demonstrates the following exercises along with their modified version:

 1) Crawl To Triceps Push up

 M: Crawl to kneeling tricep push up

2)   All 4's Hover Rotate

  M: All 4 Hover knee up and down

3) Crab Reaches

   M: Crab lift

4) Mermaid Twist

  M: Forearm side plank hold

5) Rolling Like a Ball to Jump Up

  M: Rolling like a ball 

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Exercising regularly is an effective way to ensure good health and fitness.

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